White bread vs brown bread vs multigrain bread. Which is better to loose weight ?

Even if you are person who believes in having having heavy breakfasts there might have been days when you just had a bread toast while in a hurry to your school, office or college. Well, this is where the conveniency of bread takes place. Bread has been a staple food from thousands of year and is highly consumed by people from all over the world. Bread is convenient, affordable, portable, is tasty and of course saves a lot of time. 

There are various variations to bread and guess what! It is now also being considered as a food that can be used while one is planning to loose some weight. The 3 common variations of bread that has been matter of discussion when it comes to loosing weight are white bread, brown bread and multigrain bread. Let’s see which one tops while one plans to loose weight.

1. White bread

The most commonly eaten, white bread is made from refined wheat flour (also called maida) and is highly processed containing mainly starch. During processing the fiber portion of white bread is majorly removed and therefore it has very low nutritional value. Apart from processing part, high additives of white in this bread makes it even more unhealthy. Rather than helping you to loose weight, white bread can actually make you gain some extra pounds. Although it is softer than brown bread, the damages done by it can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart diseases. White bread is not a recommend choice for health conscious people, diabetic patients and especially the ones wanting to loose weight or are in the process of loosing weight.

2. Brown bread

Brown bread on the other hand is made from whole wheat flour i.e. from unprocessed wheat grains. Although it is not as soft as white bread and is brown in color but this is because it is not processed. When it come to loosing weight, brown bread is far better option than white bread. Brown bread is a much healthier option as it contains fiber , vitamins and minerals. It helps keeping the blood sugar level in check and maintaining regular bowel movements. As an add on, it helps reducing cholesterol. Being low in calories, it becomes a great alternative to white bread when fighting with obesity.

3. Multigrain Bread

Multi- grain bread as the name suggests is prepared from 2 or more than 2 types of grains. Wheat is one type of grain included others may include oats, millets, barley, flax and whole wheat flour. The multigrain bread contains more nutrients like protein, zinc, copper, B vitamins, omega 3 unstaurated fats, fiber etc. It can keep you away from diseases like stroke, heart illness and diabetes. The multi nutrients present in multi grain bread makes it ideal for weight loss keeping you full overeating while preventing you from overeating.

Who wins from all three:-

To sum up, if you are someone who is planning to loose weight, thumbs up for brown bread or multigrain bread. Both of them act as great nutrition server. Although you need to be careful while buying multigrain brown bread because the possibility is that if the label do not determine it as 100 percent whole grain or whole wheat bread, there is a possibility that it could be made from refined flour. White bread on the other hand is a big ‘NO’ to people trying to loose weight as it can actually keep your away from reaching your health goals than achieving them.

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