Why you should not eat white bread ?

 The most preferred breakfast option:- ‘Bread’ is highly consumed by people from all over the world because of it’s conveniency, portability, affordability and that because it saves a lot of time. Over a wide variety of breads, white bread is the one widely consumed. 

But wait, Is white bread really worth being a part of your breakfast meal when it comes to health? 

 Well, not really. 

Here lies some strong reasons why you should replace your sandwiches with the healthier options and say goodbye to the harmful white bread :-

1. Additives in white

Ever thought how the white bread get its snow-ish white color? well, it is because the flour used to make white bread is chemically bleached after the natural oils from it have been extracted. The flour used in white bread is further bleached by the use of chemicals such as potassium bromate and chlorine dioxide gas to remove any yellow tinge. This can lead to major health issues like obesity, diabetes and heart diseases, high cholesterol, stroke and kidney problems. The oils are removed to give white bread flour a longer shelf life. (and your health a shorter shelf life :p)

2. Digestive issues

White bread is highly refined and the glycemic index or GI (a rating system for foods containing carbs) present can increase blood sugar levels and cause various problems like constipation, bloating and acid reflux. In fact, researches associate high intake of white bread with obesity. If you are someone who wants to be more successful in your weight loss goals, you must definitely cut or atleast reduce your intake of white bread. White bread can never compete with whole grain bread as it is made with refining and bleaching process and thus cannot keep you full for longer.

3. Low nutrition

In the making of flour of white bread, the grain is refined which means the outer and inner layers of grain are removed hardly leaving any nutrition behind and all that is left is the starch behind. The nutrients are just stripped away in the refining and bleaching process so that the bread can survive for longer. Apart from that, white bread is full of preservatives which include mono and diglycerides, DATEM, calcium peroxide, and ammonium sulfate. These ingredients are completely devoid of essential nutrients and provides a helping hand only in making the bread softer and that it can be stored for longer periods.

Take note

White bread is high in glycemic index. The highly processed flour, white additives and preservatives makes it way more unhealthy. High consumption of white bread makes obesity and various health problems approach you faster. Along with it leads to more belly fat and causes various stomach issues constipation, bloating and acid reflux. So if you are someone whose diet depends highly on white bread consumption, it’s high time that you should stop using it or atleast replace it with a healthier option like multigrain bread which has low GI, tend to have more fiber, has many nutritious advantages over white bread and makes you feel satisfied .

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