Does metabolism slows down with age ?

Metabolism is the process by which the calories of what we eat and drink is converted into energy, combined with oxygen to release the energy our body needs to function with. Specific proteins in body control chemical reactions of metabolism. A person’s metabolism is not just one thing. An entire process that includes how your body stores food, converts food, burns energy and keep you active for day to day activities is referred to as metabolism.

In simple words, the major factor that determine how many calories you burn is metabolism. Faster the metabolism, higher the calories you burn.

Does metabolism slow down with age ?

Well, yes! With the growing age the metabolism slows down. The rate at which the food breaks down decreases by 10 percent every decade after age 20. After age 60, metabolism decreases by 0.7 percent annually. This is also the reason that why it becomes harder to loose weight with old age. The metabolism gets slow with age which means a person burns less calories and more fat gets stored in the body.

Reasons of slow metabolism as one gets older :-

1. Loosing muscle mass

Ever observed the loose skinny fat condition in older people? Well, it is typically because of the gaining fat mass and decreasing metabolic rate in older people. Muscle mass decreases around 3-4% per decade after age 30. This decreasing rate increases even more by the age 60. Age related muscle loss is a natural part of ageing and the condition is called sarcopenia. Age related hormonal changes lead to decrease in muscle mass. Loss of muscle mass also acts as a factor that causes disability in older people.

2. Low physical activity

Studies show that people become less active with growing age. The minimal physical activity as one gets older becomes the reason for slower metabolism. As one gets older, because of family or children engagement or for one reason or another, older people do not exercise enough as a result of which their metabolic rate slows down and they gain weight faster. Low or no physical activity is also one of the reason why older people get prone to heart diseases.

Other factors that act as a reason for sluggish metabolism in older people are stress, gender, genes, low intensity movements and slow metabolic processes.

What’s the next step ?

Although it’s true that your metabolism slow down as you age. But remember, it is also possible to give a boost to your metabolism even after aging. One can try strength training through high intensity training (although do not overdo it), try few cardiovascular exercises, engage in some fun sport, eat protein rich foods, preferably eat a well balanced diet, drink green tea, plenty of liquids and enough water.

And share how does it feel to beat aging 🙂

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