Is it possible to loose weight with dietary changes alone

Thinking of weight loss, a lot of people assume themselves doing heavy sets of weight training and running on treadmills for hours and then being in shape. But is the exercise sweat really the major portion you should be considering when trying to loose weight or is there something more important.

 To unveil, more than 700 weight loss studies say that people loose weight when they eat smart. Now, what does it mean by eating smart. Smart eating refers to eating healthy nutrient dense foods from all groups. As a general thumb rule, your weight loss journey depends 75 percent on diet and only 25 percent on exercise.(Not even half the percentage). But that doesn’t mean we should skip exercise completely, rather a moderate exercise along with healthy diet help fighting with obesity pretty well and helps keeping the heart diseases away too.

Now let’s discuss the important element of weight loss:- the ‘DIET’.

What you eat plays a key role while you maintain a healthy weight. There are number of diet plans popular for weight loss but the common key to success in all of them is calorie deficit, that is the number of you calories you burn should be more than the number of calories you consume.

Ways of making effective dietary changes :-

1. When it comes to mindful eating, another important factor after how much you eat is ‘What you Eat’. 

2. You might just be eating half a packet of potato chips and then assuming the reason behind your belly fat. In fact, experts suggest that in most cases the reason for upper belly fat is our lifestyle choices. On the other hand, if you are eating slightly more salad over a packet of potato chips, then it is a better choice of overeating. Make better choice of eating.

3. Eat a high protein breakfast. High protein meal helps you build lean muscles which helps loosing weight faster. Additionally, protein diets help you feel full for longer. 

4. Avoid packaged sugary drinks, remove processed foods from your diet. Do not cut down on fats rather choose to consume healthy fats like nuts. 

5. Eat more fiber that helps you feel full and keeps you energized for longer and try cutting down on carbs.

6. Prefer green tea over regular tea. You can also try adding lemon juice drops in green for better taste and results. It boost your immunity, helps keeping your energy levels high and promotes weight loss.

7. Drink 2-3 glasses of warm water in morning or add few drops of lemon juice in it. It helps flushing out toxins, helps in digestion and better absorption of nutrients.

Counting calories becomes little less required when whatever is going inside your stomach is right and not something that your body struggles digesting and processing.

Apart from the dietary changes, you can make more changes in your habits like portion control, eating slowly or mindful eating, taking smaller meals in intervals, using smaller plates, not drinking water immediately after your meal (especially cold water as it slow down your digestion process). These mini habits appear to be low efforts on the outside for your weight loss but plays a significant role when practiced on a daily basis.


The most important factors in effective weight loss through dietary changes include calorie deficit, removing processed food from diet, adding more protein and fiber, knowing what to cut or reduce in your diet. You must keep these points in mind when you are planning to achieve your desired weight through dietary changes.

Concluding, if eaten smart, healthy weight loss can be achieved by making dietary changes alone. The progress might be a little slow if compared with a weight loss achieved from a combination of diet and exercise as you might miss out the metabolic benefits received from cardio or any other kind of physical activity.

 But answering the question ‘Is it possible to loose weight through dietary changes alone? Yes, it definitely is!

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