Everything you need to know about supplements.

 It all started so many years ago , people used to suffer from different kinds of diseases such as Anemia , Beriberi , Scurvy , Night blindness and many more diseases . On diagnosis , the main cause behind all of them found was the deficiency of particular nutrient . 

Now the problem was that for fulfilling nutritional deficiencies , there was need of something that would work a little bit faster and easier , from there the concept of supplements originated although nothing can become an alternative for a healthy , balanced diet but supplements were found to cure various nutritional deficiencies .

Supplements are available in any form powdered , liquid or in the form of pills .

What actually are Supplements ?

You might have got it till now but still the textbook definition of supplements are :-

Supplements are products that are consumed to complete or enhance the nutritional deficiency in the body . They basically contain dietary ingredients such as vitamins , minerals , amino acids etc .

Types of Fat- soluble Vitamins and supplements are available for them or not ?

Vitamin A :- It helps in improving vision and improves you immune system . It is found in different fruits such as mangoes , papayas etc , in dark green vegetables , in eggs and milk and many other foods are sources of it . It is available in the form of supplements named as retinyl acetate , retinyl palmitate and also multivitamin minerals contain Vitamin A.

Vitamin D :- So many people have deficiency of Vitamin D nowadays . Its deficiency causes pain , weakness , muscle weakness and depression . It is found in dairy products , orange juice . soy milk , fatty fish , cheese , egg yolks etc . It is available in the form of supplements named as calciferol,  ergocalciferol , cholecalciferol etc

Vitamin E :- It improves vision and circulation of blood . It is found in many oils , almonds , pumpkin etc. It is found in supplements such as tocopherol , aquasol etc.

Vitamin K : It helps in bone building and blood clotting . It is found in green leafy vegetables , fish , liver , meat etc . Its supplement is named as Phytonadione .

Types of Water – soluble Vitamins and supplements are available for them or not ?

There are in total nine water-soluble vitamins 

Vitamin C and All types of Vitamin – B :- For Vitamin C there are various brands that produces supplements such as NOW Foods Chewable C 500 , Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C etc . For Vitamin B also various kind of supplements are available such as Pure Encapsulations B-Complex Liquid contain 6 b vitamins .

Minerals :-

Iron :- It is found in lentils , soybeans , meat , poultry etc . Deficiency of iron can lead to anemia . It helps in growth and development of body . Iron supplements are consumed in the form of ferrous salts .

Zinc :-  Various kinds of zinc supplements are available in the market such as Galzin , Zinc – 220 .

Iodine :- Its supplements that are considered best are  available in the form of Nascent iodine  .

Deficiency of these minerals have a bad impact on our body .

More than the dietary supplements are also available for bodybuilding , probiotics etc .

Let’s come to its darker side now :-

Never consume supplements without eating anything or during the time of fasting as it is found to have bad effect on the body . Always consume supplements after consulting the doctor . As some of them pose high health risks on people suffering from different diseases especially in the case of pregnancy . Eating a healthy doesn’t have any side effect so try to prefer healthy , balanced diet over anything .

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