What is Calorie deficit ? Will Calorie deficit helps in weight loss ?

Food is one of the most important thing required  by any creature whether its human beings , animals or any other species to live on this planet . The food we eat or the drink we consume definitely affects our body in short term or long term . So its very important to be very careful about every diet we consume .

 You might have heard the word calorie so many times , but let us again define it for getting a clear understanding of what actually calorie is ?

Anything we consume either by drinking or eating gets converted into energy which is called calories . Its very important to balance calories- in and  calories – out . As if calories-in becomes greater than calories-out . Our body will gain weight and we will become overweight  . In the opposite case if calories-out becomes greater  than calories-in , we will become underweight . so balancing it is very important for being healthy .

Now what exactly is this calorie deficit ?

 Basically  there is shortage of calories consumed and the number of calories are less comparatively than the number of calories required to maintain weight .

How to create a deficit ?

It is possible to create a deficit by  burning more calories than we consume  . We can also reduce calories we consume through various dieting  of by lowering the food intake or there is one more way to try combination of both like eat few calories and side by side also burn the extra calories .

Will Calorie deficit helps in weight loss ?

The answer is definitely Yes !! . Let’s say you want to loose one or two pound per  week , you have to put a calorie deficit of  about 500 calories per day . which as a whole very logically will result into weight loss . The reduction in calories will help you in reducing the weight .

How to make the calorie deficit really work ?
  • Eating a low – calorie diet :-  If you will lower the quantity of your diet , you would not be able to control your hunger , as it will not satisfy your mind as well as your body and certainly it will start demotivating you . So the better option is to choose the ingredients and meals with low calories but fulfilling .

So here are some of the low-calorie foods which will help you in calorie deficit :-

 1. Fruits such as Apples , Cherries , Kiwi , Oranges , Peaches , Pineapples , Pears , Pomegranate , Strawberries , Watermelon etc.

2. Alfalfa sprouts

3. Green tea

4. Quinoa

5. Whole grains

6. Oats

7. Coffee

8. Veggies such as broccoli , spinach , pumpkin , carrots , okra and the rest .

9.  Greek yogurt

10. Beans

  • Importance of physical exercises :- It is very important to perform physical exercises . You can perform any of them such as swimming , running , jogging or could play any sports such as badminton ,tennis , basketball etc .

  • Keep hydrating yourself :- Keep hydrating yourself regularly with water , it will not only provides you energy but will also boosts your metabolism . Also it helps you in removing toxins from the body .

  • Believe in yourself :- Have a strong belief in achieving your aim . There would be days when you will not feel confident and you will not feel any change , your mind will say just give up !! . but you have to believe in yourself and keep going .

  • Practice portion size :- A very famous japanese technique but very helpful . Pick less and pick varieties , In simple words eat little of everything .

  • Be consistent :- You will never feel any change in one day , keep working hard and be consistent in your work , after some time you will definitely start feeling that it’s working .

For winning something , you have to loose something . similarly for achieving success in your aim of weight loosing through calorie deficit , you have to skip the tastier fast foods and processed meals. my friend you will definitely succeed in achieving it .

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