Foods to avoid for weight loss

1. Sugar and desserts

Who doesn’t like to consume those restaurant desserts, pastries cakes, muffins etc. But what if all them comes at a cost of your health. No matter how heavily you exercise but 2 spoons of extra sugar has the power to nullify them all. Too much added sugar not only leads to weight gain but type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and acne problems. So should you completely stop using sugar. No, but replacing your diet with natural sweeteners like fruits plus using of brown sugar and Jaggery instead of white sugar would be a smart choice.

2. White bread

White bread being high in carbohydrates and low in nutrients.

Bread is actually made by  processing flour highly. Not only white bread leads to obesity but other stomach issues like bloating and constipation. This is also because in the making process, whole wheat layer is removed making it bleached just to make it long lasting. No doubt, carbs should be the bottom option in weight loss process but if you are college student or office colleague who is always in hurry, Brown bread is still a better option.

3. Packaged spicy snacks

Packaged spicy snacks especially like potato chips are the major source of gaining weight. Studies have proved that potato chips are the easiest way of gaining weight not only because of calories factor but the reason that they are very addictive in nature. If you think they only lead to weight gain because of potatoes being main ingredient then let me tell you it’s not the case. Not only the regular consumption leads to rapid increase in weight, but it has some hazardous effects on brain, digestive system and overall health. Thanks to the low quality oil and spices added to it!

4. Fast foods

Junk foods like burgers, pizzas and processed foods are high in sodium. Our body is able to process such foods very slowly. Apart from those extra calories, fast food leads to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, increase in pimple and acne, shortness of breath, problems like migraine and increases puffiness. Having these meals once in a while might be unavoidable but one should have a watch on its consumption and effect on body.

5. Alcohol and Sweetened Soda

Studies have shown that alcohol alone can increase 384 calories a day. If can’t avoid you should be sipping water in intervals and can slowly reduce the quantity. 

Apart from that, sugary alcoholic drinks and sweetened soda contain regular table sugar and sugar does its purpose of increasing weight very well:)

So should we completely stop consuming all these attractive foods and drinks? 

Relax, you can rather switch to healthier alternative or slowly reduce the quantity of these food items and check the quality while enjoying them.

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