How to motivate yourself to loose weight ?

 How to motivate yourself to loose weight ?

Before you set yourself for anything new, constructive or even something which isn’t too hard, it’s important for you to prepare your mindset for it rather than straightway jumping into it. The case is same when it comes to weight loss. Before you tie your shoe laces to run that extra mile, you should be mentally prepared for it through some positive affirmations and a good dose of motivation.

To keep yourself motivated for loosing weight, here are a few tips:-

1. Keep measurable and accountable goals.

Before starting on your weight loss journey, it’s possible that you might have read about some crazy weight loss journeys and now you are full of energy to apply it in your life as well. Although you need to remember that rather than focusing completely on getting an appealing shape you must aim for a body that is healthy from inside as well. Also, you don’t have set some crazy goals that you find hard to work on for the next day. Therefore, it’s important for you to keep measurable and accountable goals.

2. Break down your goals.

Brief down your goals. Now this might sound like an unimportant step. One might say that what is the need to break down goals. All I need is these extra kilos to shed. But exactly how many kilos? Is it all the extra kilos you need to loose or there is some muscle mass to gain as well. Is it all the crazy hours of running you need or you need to adjust some 20 minutes of cardio in between. Breaking down your goals bring clarity in your mind making you action-oriented.

3. Keep a separate diary.

Tracking yourself during the weight loss journey is actually a very crucial step. It helps you keeping a check on when you missed your workout. How much you have improved so far. What snacks you need to eat and the ones actually eat. From your workout to cheat meals on weekends, you can record everything in that diary and make changes accordingly.

4. Say positive affirmations or paste them around.

Now this might sound like doing something insane. But wait, this can actually make it easy and fun for you. Saying positive affirmations can be very helpful. These can be said after you have set up yoga mat or after you have finished your yoga or workout session. Words like ‘each cell in my body is thanking me for doing this.’ One can say uplifting words like – I promise to stay consistent and patient throughout the process or paste them on wall in their rooms. The positive affirmations and personalized quotes can help you raise your confidence.

5. Stay away from negativity.

It might not be possible to eliminate negative people completely from your surroundings. But you can choose to stay away from people that makes you think that you cannot achieve this or that health goal. Words like ‘it’s really very hard’ or ‘you cannot do this’ brings negative thoughts in your mind as well. To protect yourself from negativity, you can actually take some tips from people or from friends around who actually have lost weight and can take tips from them.

6. Make it fun for yourself.

One should definitely find a personalized plan one can stick to. But to avoid mental torture, one must avoid strict diets that completely eliminate certain foods. Avoid extreme fix diets and rather be flexible with it by maintaining balance of all nutrients. Physical activity is an important part of weight loss. So, it is a smart choice to choose an exercise you enjoy. You can join group classes if you want. One can play their favourite music along with exercise. One should not stick to few exercises and fix diets. Also, you can decide to go to gym one day workout at home the another day, go around on a walk with a dog or something fun like zumba the other day. 

7. Celebrate your achievements.

No matter how small or big, it is important for you to celebrate your success. Be it for career or health, maintaining some kind of discipline in life is hard. So when you do maintain it even on a smaller levels, make sure to celebrate it. Although do not prefer rewarding yourself with unhealthy foods. Reward yourself in a way that boost your motivation. And while you maintain your weight loss, do not forget to love and appreciate your body.

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