15 morning habits that help you loose weight

If you are one of those people who follow different methods for weight loss in their daily routines. Then, you must know that their are some healthy practices that you can apply in your morning routines to keep yourself away from gaining any weight in future. Some studies also found that morning exercises helps you wake up and is the most effective time for cardio exercises.

To add on, here are 15 morning habits that help you loose weight.

1. Drinking warm water

Drinking 2-3 glasses of warm water helps kick starting your metabolism in morning. By breaking down the food molecules in your intestine, it helps in better digestion. Warm water helps in relieving constipation and regular bowel movements. Further adding lemon to it, helps in hydration, cleansing the system and keeping the skin healthy.

2. Getting some sunlight

Researches show that people who absorb sunlight early morning have lower BMI than people who step out in the sun later. When the sun’s blue light wavelengths and penetrate our skin reaching the fat cells just beneath, our cells don’t store as much fat. In simple words, sunlight helps to get rid of all the extra fat of the body.

3. Do some exercise

It has been proved that exercising in morning gives better results than exercising in evening or during bedtime. It helps in burning calories throughout the day by improving metabolism. It also helps in keeping the endorphins high. Working out in the morning boosts energy keeping the energy levels maintained throughout the day. It also brings alertness and activity in the body.

4. Have a nutritious breakfast

It is advisable to have a heavy breakfast because you are going to burn your calories from this meal throughout day. Eat a protein rich diet with healthy carbs like oats, multigrain bread etc. It’s also recommended to eat fresh fruits, nuts and seeds for breakfast.

5. Having a good sleep

Getting proper sleep is not only beneficial for your body weight but also for you mind. Having sleep for inadequate hours reduces the levels of leptin in your body, a hormone responsible for controlling energy balance of body which can make you eat more. Poor sleeping patterns can lead to weight gain and an increase in BMI(body mass index).

6. Sleeping on time

Leptin along with controlling the energy balance of the body, is also the hormone that tells you to stop eating. On the other hand, ghrelin is the ‘go’ hormone telling you when to eat. Now when you deprive yourself of sleep when feeling sleepy, what happens is ghrelin is more and leptin in the body is less which leads to weight gain. Furthermore, the low metabolism in the body at night also contributes to weight gain. Therefore, sleeping on time is an important step. The better you sleep at night, the fresher you will be in morning.

7. Plan your meal for the whole day

Self monitoring is an effective step when you want to loose weight. Therefore, when you plan your meals ahead of time, it helps you to pick better meals. Planning your meals helps you to keep a check on yourself. It helps you to cut down unnecessary junk giving you time to choose you healthy food options for the day.

8. Control your portion size

Another useful practice if you are planning to loose weight is controlling your portion size. Now it’s not that you always have to torture yourself to eat less than what you want to eat but we don’t always need all the calories or extra food that is kept on our large sized plates. In order to correct that, we can use small plates, measuring cups and spoons to eat the apt quantity of food we need.

9. Walk barefoot on grass

When you walk barefoot on grass, the pressure on your feet gets activated which gives your body energy and helps in boosting your immunity. Not only this but physical contact with earth’s surface helps calm your senses of mind It also helps in keeping the eyesight healthy.

10. Have green tea with lemon

The ideal time for having green tea is in the morning. Great tea with lemon can be a great addition to healthy weight loss. It is good substitute to sugar coffee or tea. Although it contains caffeine but is slightly less than coffee or regular tea. One cup of this herbal drink can support weight loss and boost fat burning.

11. Use stairs instead of lift

Now be it your office elevator or a lift near a metro station, saying no to lift and preferring stairs in your daily routine can help you burn calories. You can burn 5-11 calories per minute climbing stairs. This may no seem like much, but when added up daily, it can help you loose weight, strengthening muscles and maintaining healthy bones and joints.

12. Take your Lunch along

Now if you are someone who has a job that ties you to eating junk food outside or who do not have access to healthy food in your working or study hours. Then the best option is to take along home cooked food. Home cooked meal has a good diet quality and has a decreased risk of excess body fat as compared to junk food outside.

13. Weigh yourself

Weighing yourself in the morning might make you feel like you are over conscious about your health. Although weighing yourself in the morning before any activity is more effective than checking your weight later in the day. It helps you stick to your planned meals and improve self control.

14. Switch your vehicle

While driving may be one of the most convenient way of reaching work office, one must know that long car drives can lead to weight gain. Reaching through car on daily basis cuts down even the basic cardio like walking, which makes you burn fewer calories. Switching to walking, cycling or even biking or public transportation few days a week leads to weight loss and reduced risk of weight gain.

15. Developing the practice of mindfulness

Slowing down and focusing on the present moment brings awareness to your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness promote weight loss and promote healthy eating habits. When you eat mindfully, you are aware of the taste, smell and the look of your meal. With this the experience of having a simple breakfast is enhanced. You can practice mindfulness by sitting in a comfortable and calm place in the morning for around 2-5 minutes. Not only it leads to peaceful eating but helps you eat less and loose weight.

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