Common excuses people make to skip workout

We all have been at a stage in life where we do not act according to our set goals of exercising. Sometimes its really the life that gets in our way but a lot of time we just make up some reasons to get out of bed and put our body in shape. Well, here we bring you a few common excuses that people make to skip workouts.

Read them to avoid it the next time when your mind tricks you to fall into the excuses for not doing workout.

1. I didn’t have enough sleep

A lot of people use sleep as an excuse for skipping their morning routine workout. Now, it’s important for people to realize that even if you have had your complete 8 hour sleep, a lot of times it’s just the laziness that make you over- sleep. Oversleeping can actually tend to make you feel more tired. So, to solve the problem you should actually wake up and do exercise to bring some activeness and alertness in the body. And even if your sleep in incomplete, try hitting the bed early at night so that you can start your workout session in the morning at time.

2. I am short of time

Now because of our modern busy lifestyle this can really be a hardcore reason of not working out. When all you see is your time running out and that you are getting late for your office, school or college hours. All you want to do is rush and the thought of working out rarely crosses your mind. The trick is to make your effort and commitment minimum. Rather than setting a goal of 1 hour workout, set realistic goals. Start from exercising 10-15 minutes a day. You can also try inducing some exercises in free time of your daily activities.

In short, the key is if you have less time for your health, just try your best to use that less time out of your routine effectively even if it just 10 minutes.

3. I cannot afford gym membership

It is acceptable that a gym give you an an atmosphere to workout. But, have also have heard that people buy gym memberships on new year? and whoosh!! then they forget all the commitments made in the beginning of the year. This makes it certain that its more about the consistency of a person to work towards his/her health than the mode. Apart for an alternative for gym, you can also go for affordable solutions like a simple gym at home or a 30 minute of brisk walking. Although the equipment and the environment do make a difference but you should know what the real key is.

4. I don’t want to wash my hair today

A lot of women prefer not working out because that makes them want to wash their hair. Well, it does become an obvious reason sometimes as a heavy workout leaves your hair messy and greasy along with an oily scalp. To not let this reason become a barrier to your workout, you can brush your hair after working out, use a dry shampoo before workout ( using it after workout can make situation worse as it can stick to your hair. Also overusing it as it can lead to hair damage.) A dry shampoo is a time saver. Apart from this, you can also use a hair wrap or silk head scarf while working out. Use the right hairstyles or hair ties. Another good alternative could be that you can schedule your workout around your hair wash days.

5. Menstruation

There are numerous benefits of working out during your periods. So unless, you are not accompanied by extreme pain, try your best to not skip your workout during your monthly cycle. Exercising during periods improves blood circulation and hastens the process of shedding the endometrial lining. Although it is advisable to back off on the intensity, especially if you are feeling fatigued.

6. Exercise is boring

Who would like to leave the unwatched Netflix season episodes and go out and workout. Well, in order to not get bored of exercise easily, try making the exercise process fun for yourself. Try cycling, dancing, zumba or any other sport that you enjoy. Do not stick to the same exercising pattern, try switching the exercises every few days in a week so that it does not get monotonous. Try making a list of activities that you wish to try that pushes you to take some action towards it. Also, even if you try something new, set goals that are small and realistic and celebrate even the smaller success.

7. My gym buddy is not coming

Remember you cannot control the environmental factors around you always. Although in the fitness journey a friend along is a cherry on cake, but you cannot always wait for the other person to share common goals. Making friends is never bad but your main priority should be your fitness goals not the dependency on the other person. Your motivation to workout should come from within rather than you waiting for a bunch of people to call you and say hey are you coming or not. A good company is never bad but remember the health goal and keep the rest of factors aside.

8. I am demotivated because I do not get results

Remember that you always don’t need fitness coach or expert to shout or give motivational statements to kick start your workout session. It’s not the words but the little steps that motivate you to to take another step. If you are planning to loose weight or gain some muscles, do not be upset if you are getting slow or no results, just keep in your head that its a slow and consistent process. To motivate yourself with any health program ( if following any) you can place some personalized quotes in your rooms pasted on wall or places in house you visited often. Keep away from negative people. Try engaging in a social support group if possible. Lastly offer yourself some encouraging affirmations.

We hope this helps you saying bye bye to your excuses and help you in staying fit and healthy:) 

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