Top 5 exercises to loose your arm fat

 The extra skin hanging around the arms and the armpit fat could be bothering to a lot of people. Chances are when your body decides to store some extra fat underneath your arms, that extra fat is referred to as arm fat. Majorly, the reason behind the excess fat in particular part of your body is the overall excess body weight. For this reason, a concept called spot reduction is popular. It claims to reduce fat from the targeted area of your body. However, a lot of researchers do not believe in the concept of spot reduction and believe that fat from specific body part could only be reduced by managing overall weight. Although there are some exercises that are meant specifically for different body parts like legs, thighs and arms.

Few exercises that can help your arms get slimmer and toner are as follows:-

1. Chair dips

Chair dips also known as triceps dip is a great bodyweight exercise that targets your triceps. A chair little higher to the ground is the equipment needed to perform this workout. To do it you need to move three to four step away from your chair while keeping your upper body straight. Now slowly bend your knees to the level of your chair and then your elbows in order to touch the floor. Come back to the previous position and then repeat for 10-20 reps. Chair dips not only helps in reducing fat from arms but also help toning the arms and back.

2. Ball slams

As the name suggests, ball slams needs you to get a ball. The steps of performing this technique starts by standing straight and gripping the ball tightly. After that, extend your arms by bringing the ball at the level of your chest. Then throw the ball by squatting your lower. Come back to the previous position and then repeat it. Basically, it is a full body movement that exercise your arms while adding a little cardio to your arm workout. 3-5 sets of ball slams each with the time period of 20-30 seconds is a good time period. To avoid over exhaustion of arms, take rest in between.

3. Arm circles

Arm circles are really helpful for reducing the build-up of fatty tissues in your arms. It also helps toning your muscles in shoulders and arms while working on your upper back. Steps to perform arm circles are:- stand in an upright position, extend your arms and slowly rotate them in circles motion. Do it slowly in the beginning that gradually increase the size of circles and speed of rotating arms. You can do 20 repetitions and can switch the direction of rotating arms after 10 repetitions.

4. Bicep curls

Bicep curls not only helps your arms appear slimmer but promotes the strength in your upper arms as well. Bicep curls involves lifting weight with your arms towards your shoulders. Do it with a proper technique without swinging your arms and without taking help of your torso i.e engage your biceps only. Do not perform in a hurried manner and after you have lifted the weight come back to the original position in a controlled manner. Performing few reps of your bicep curls is really an effective way to reduce the hanging fat from around your arms.

5. Battling ropes

Battling ropes along with toning your arms brings numerous benefits along. It helps strengthening your core, shoulders, improve cardiovascular endurance and your overall body strength. Battling ropes includes various techniques like lateral waves, vertical waves and outside circles. Battle ropes requires you to use the the core of your arms and with the help of both the hands, you need to wave the rope in and out, side to side and slam the ropes to the ground also called power slam. In order to create smaller waves, you can use your hands fast to create speedy movements and for bigger waves you can use the hands slowly. Doing battling ropes 3 times for thirty seconds daily can really bring you good results.

Key notes

Your arm fat could be the result of your overall excess body fat. Although the concept of spot reduction claims to reduce fat from targeted body part, a lot researches do not show their faith in it. Although there are various exercises to slim down and tone different parts of body like legs and thighs and so is the case for arms. There are various arm workouts like chair dips, ball slams, arm circles, bicep curls and battling ropes. Apart from these exercises, you can also try jab, pushup, dumbbell bench press, diamond push-up, weight lifting and so on. The point is to choose the workout that best suits you and help you tone your arms faster. However, staying consistent and patient should not be given any less importance.

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