Farting during workout? Reasons

Ever just farted in the middle of the gym and thought that why this happen more often in the middle of the workout? Let’s understand the functioning!

Farting is a natural process, it’s the release of gas trapped in your digestive tract. We swallow air throughout the day in various forms and we fart because of the build-up of gas in our bodies.

Regular farting is completely normal but too much of it is a sign of improper digestion.

Farting is normal and healthy but there are a lot of people who complain that they fart more whenever they are exercising, doing cardio or performing any heavy workout. Now, why does this happen? Well, there are several reasons behind releasing more gas during workout some of which are listed below :-

1. Stress on internal organs

Physical activity during workout makes the excessive trapped air in our digestive tract push out. Exercising or working out put stress on our internal organs of digestive system including small intestine, colon and rectum. When the internal organs get exercised, the digestion process gets fastened making the gas trapped in GI tract get released.

2. Heavy breathing

Aerobic exercises or heavy workout can make you breath fast and heavy. As a result of which the air can stuck in your digestive tract and be released as gas. Another reason could be inefficient breathing during workout. Improper exhalation and inhalation while one exercise can increase the rate of farting in a person as the excessive air can be pushed to stomach and then released through anus.

3. Choice of food

What you chose to eat before workout matters a lot. Not only the choice of food determines how much you fart but it determines it’s smell too. As creepy as it sounds but it’s true! Keeping all the science away, even if one pays a little attention to the body, he/she must have realized that whenever one eats heavy food, either the body sometimes faces constipation struggling to poop or there is constant release of gas. Its because foods such as wheat, potatoes, fries, high fiber foods, carbonated drinks, onion, garlic digest slowly and while working out the digestion of such foods might boost making you fart more. So, it’s preferable to eat nutritious and light food before any workout session.

4. Drinking water in one go

Whenever one feels sweaty after strenuous workout hours, one might often want to gulp the bottle of water all at once. This can again become the reason the for farting more often in between or after workout intervals as more water can make air to be gulped along as well. So it is recommendable to vanish your thirst by sipping water slowly.

Take note

Farting is a natural body process and one tends to fart more during workout. Farting during workout include various reasons from the natural tendency of your body to release gas during physical activity to the choice of foods consumed before workout. Keeping away it’s embarrassment, one must know that it is an important function of the body. In fact, a lot of people when struggles with digestive issues are given medications by the doctor that enables them to fart and release gas so that the stomach eases down.

Farting is no abnormal until you pressurize your stomach to hold it. Holding gas can actually cause you stomach ache, cramps, bloating and uneasiness.

So if you are in the middle of gym wanting to fart either get yourself excused to a place side by or let it pass. Do not get too embarrassed or make anyone feel too embarrassing if they are in the same situation. Make it normal not only for yourself but for others too.

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