Can I reduce face fat?

Storage of any excess fatty tissues in body is referred to as fat and face fat is no different. The accumulation of excess fatty tissues on the face giving it a rounder shape is the face fat.

What causes face fat?

The overall gain in weight leads to facial fat.

Mostly the overall fat resting in body results in fat around the face. The reason behind excess face fat could be unbalanced diet, low physical activity, genetic conditions, eating processed foods, hormonal conditions, ageing, smoking, alcohol consumption, dehydration.

Can face fat be reduced?

As caused by overall weight gain, face fat can be reduced by managing overall body weight. On a general basis, one cannot loose face fat without loosing body fat or toning overall body weight. To believe that one can loose weight from single part of body is a misconception. Although there are exercises that are meant for specific body parts like thighs and arms but talking of weight loss on a general basis, a specific part of body happens to loose weight when overall body weight get reduced. Although there are few strategies that you can adopt to get rid of the extra fat on your face one of which performing facial exercises.

What are facial exercises?

Exercises that are meant to tighten your face muscle giving it a stretch resultingly giving it a firmer and tighter appearance are referred to as facial exercises. Facial exercises help toning your face muscles making it look slimmer. They also help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles from face.

Some common face exercises include fish face, sticking tongue out, chin lifts, puppet face, smile hold with clenched teeth, spinning chin, chin lock etc. Face exercises could really be proved helpful but the results shown might not be up to the expectations. 

This is because the researches till now show limited believability in facial workout though with consistency results could be achieved.

What else could be done?

If you are someone who have lost weight in past or have at least seen someone doing it, you must have noticed that with the overall fat reduction, naturally the face fat get reduced too. That means if someone happens to manage overall weight, face fat gets regulated automatically. To loose body fat, you must switch to healthy diet, eat less processed foods and refined carbs, hydrate yourself, reduce the intake of salty foods as sodium holds more water, exercise more often or do some cardio for fat burning.


If you want to loose face fat, you must target an overall healthy weight which would automatically help in reducing face fat. But in order to see proper results, one must try different facial exercises. Facial exercises might not give you expected results especially if you are thinking to gain some overnight results. The believability of studies in facial exercises might be limited but in order to see proper results, you must plan to loose overall along with performing face exercises or face yoga 3-4 times a day for around 20 minutes. Face exercises might be proved as a great help but a healthy lifestyle along not only promotes overall weight loss but acts on face fat as well thereby helping to cut it down.

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