Exercising after 40 .

 Physical Exercises are very important for attaining good health . You might have heard this quote before a ” Health is not valued till sickness comes ”  which is more accurate than many other things in our routine . 

One more please :- ” A healthy mind lives in a healthy Body ” . 

implies that you will be intelligent and smart person only if you have a healthy body supporting you in every aspect . A person whose body is ill and sick can’t enjoy even small moments of life . The power of illness is so much that even a small pain in our body can make our day bad . So health is more important than anything .

Performing exercise is important for everyone . Children should perform exercises so that there muscles and bones become strong and their body start adapting to it , slowly they will start developing habit to perform it regularly . 

We all know how much exercises are important for youth .

Is that exercises are also important for people with age after 40 ?

Yes !! definitely . Exercises are very important for people with age after 40 because as we start growing old our bone density start reducing and our muscles mass decreases which makes our body weak . Performing exercises helps the body to be in shape and physical fit . It reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and keeps you away from diabetes and those having diabetes performing physical exercises helps in keeping diabetes in control for them . Also it will keep your blood pressure and cholesterol fluctuation in normal .

Now , the question is what type of exercise exactly do people more than age of 40 should do   ?

So here are exercising after 40 for different purposes :-

For improving mental health :-

As soon as you grow old , there is an increase risk of depression and anxiety especially in women . So to prevent that you should definitely perform some sort of exercise and the best option is Yoga for mental health . It not only calms you and make you more peaceful but also relax you body and mind . So here are some of the yogic asanas for mental health :-

  • Easy pose ( Sukhasana )
  • Corpse pose ( Shavasana )
  • Child pose ( Balasana )
  • Lotus pose ( Padmasana )
  • Happy baby pose ( Ananda Balasana )

For improving heart health :-

When you start growing old , the risk of getting heart diseases increases . The best exercise for that is Walking in nature ‘ s fresh air . You can take a 30 minute walk in the morning and 30 minute walk in the evening . Believe me you will even start getting rid of your aches and pains in the body . After that you can also proceed to running , swimming etc . 

For improving Back pain :-

Back pain increases as we grow old because of sitting whole day or because of wrong posture . Here are some of exercise to get relief from back pain :-

  • Bridging
  • Plank
  • Partial Crunches
  • Wall sits
  • Hamstring Stretches 
  • Knee to Chest

For improving strength in Body :-

This is one more problem that as get age of 40 after that our body starts growing weak . Again here walking , running and jogging will help but still here are some workout exercises for you :-

  • Light weights
  • Low intensity cardio for 20-30 minute
  • Moderate aerobic activity
  • Balance exercises

More than exercises you also have to focus on your diet and proper amount of sleep .

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