Why women should do weight training ?

“Lifting weights is dangerous for women and is meant just for men”. The statement is not only a gender stereotype but a fitness myth as well that needs to be broken.

Weight lifting is a common type of strength training that increases the size and strength of your skeletal muscles. Weight training puts a stress to the muscles causing them to adapt it and get stronger. Weight training is easy to start with only if you aren’t expecting the big muscles in the very start. The process is about making your muscles adapt the stress and building the real strength. The process ultimately requires a lot of patience. By not performing any kind of strength training, one must not keep away from its benefits.

A lot of women spend good amount of time in cardiovascular exercises but spend less or no time in strength training. One of the main reason is that they believe they would gain some bulky muscles and their overall figure would look manly. However, this is not the complete truth as women don’t enough have enough amount of testosterone and the level of estrogen in them is higher. So, regardless of the fitness goals, here’s why women should include weight training in their exercise routines:-

1. Stronger bones

Do you know when it comes to physical activity what works best for osteoporosis?

‘Weight Training’! Yes, studies have shown that strength training not only promotes strength training but helps building bone strength, prevents bone loss, can even help build a new one and increase bone density.

2. Reduced risk of injuries

Strength training lowers the injury risk by 68 percent. Studies involving both humans and animals have shown that resistance training can be extremely beneficial in preventing skeletal injuries.

3. Increases strength

Resistance training brings a significant increase in your muscle endurance and helps enhancing your strength. It makes your muscles increase the strength and endurance by making them work against a force. Performing 20-30 minutes of weight training per week consistently could show really good results.

4. Promotes weight loss

Weight training can actually help you slim down by cutting the extra weight. In comparison, women tend to have more body fat than men. When weight training takes place, it not only serves the purpose of building muscle endurance but increases the metabolism helping to burn fat faster aiding weight loss.

5. Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke

Another benefit of weight training is that it lowers the risk of heart diseases and stroke. 

The reason behind this is that strength training makes your cardiovascular system pumps the blood to the whole body, putting less pressure on the arteries. Also, the circulation of blood is increased through weight training and so it plays a critical role in reducing the risk of heart diseases and keeps your heart healthy.

6. Benefits mental health

Weight training not only adds to the physical benefits but taps in to the benefits of your mental health as well. The regulation and improved circulation of blood flow and heart rate helps clearing mind and boosts the mood. Weight training releases endorphins while you perform it which can help you deal with stress. The concentration required in weight training increases your focus and may also help you solve the mental clutter out. Apart from this, weight training can be a great confidence booster by making you strong physically and mentally both.

 Also know

Weight training is an effective tool for enhancing overall health although it must be kept in mind that one needs to follow proper technique and form. Also, pregnant women if willing to lift weights must consult their doctor once. While pregnant women can efficiently perform weight training if they have been practicing from long time. It is also considered safe if done properly and with proper safety although speaking it with a doctor should definitely be considered.

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