Top 10 workout tips for beginners

 There is a big difference between an illiterate person and an educated person . An illiterate person will just act on the basis of his experience but the person who is properly educated and knowledgeable , his every action is filled with experience as well as facts full of knowledge . His chances of mistakes would be very less .

Implying to the topic , you who have come here to get the workout tips , my friend that ‘s  the correct procedure to do any work . You have already achieved it in you mind , now you just  have to perform it practically in front of the world .

So here are the Top 10 workout tips for beginners :-

  • Warm – up :- Warm-up is very important for you whether you are a beginner or an expert . It helps you in preparing for the next step . It is like that preparation , you do before exams that in case you skip it , the after effect will be bad . When you perform warm- up before workout , it provide extra oxygen to the exercising muscles and increase the body temperature but if you don’ t perform warm – up , your body will get cramps and there are even chances of getting injury .

  • Stay Hydrated :- Its important to drink water after and during the workout so that your body remains hydrated . It helps your body in regulating the body temperature and keeps lubricating your joints . You keep being healthy by keeping your body hydrated . If the amount of water in your body decreases , your efficiency decreases .

  • Power of Cardio and Strength Training :- On the starting days , you feel extremely tired which can decrease your motivation . But performing cardio and strength training is so powerful that it will keep you away from heart diseases , blood pressure fluctuations and even cancer also .

  • Being consistent :- Consistency is surely a key to success even here . Being consistent makes your habit and your habit defines your future . When you be consistent in your workout , your muscles gradually develop and start adapting to it .

  • One work , two benefits :- If you are a person who wants to loose weight or gain weight , then use your workout for it also . It’s just that you have to change some exercises by consulting your trainer and you will start getting results soon .

  • Normal body state :- Cooling down to make your body at normal state is as important as warm-up . It helps in regulating the blood flow . Also it makes your heart rate and blood pressure normal .

  • Changes in diet :-  This is also an important factor . Make sure you start moving towards healthier diet slowly . Try to add more protein in your diet by consuming protein – rich foods that are natural . Avoid eating carbs and unhealthy fats .

  • Make friends or listen to music :- Try to make new gym friends , you will definitely enjoy while doing workout with your friend rather than doing alone every time and onthe days that you prefer to be alone , listen to some music that will make you active , energetic and will motivate you . 

  • Note it down :-  Its a good trick to make you feel motivated and consistent  as when we write down something our mind becomes aware to follow it and also writing down goals increases the probability of completing it .

  • Don’t Overdo it :- Only you know the limit of your body , the instructor can only guide you , you have to see for how much time you should do it . Overdoing it can actually backfires , keep it in your mind . Yes , we do get excited and full of energy but pushing too hard is wrong , it can even cause you injury and also decreases the performance . 

            So my friend , Enjoy it and do it till your body allows it by taking proper rest 🙂

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