Simple ways to relax your body in office .

 Research says that ” After every 30 minutes we should take a five minute break for relaxing our mind as well as body ” . Just a rest of 5 minutes after every 30 minutes work will undo the bad effects that over – sitting cause you . 

                     This digital era demands oversitting from everyone to complete the office – work which is not good in long-term . It makes your body inactive and can cause postural deformities also . Oversitting can reduce the performance and makes you unmotivated . Whereas taking 5 minute rest can make your body relax and stress – free . 

So here are some simple ways to relax your body in office :-


 Don’t lean down your neck and then work . Keep your spine straight and your laptop / computer just in front of your eyes . Keep your elbows wide by making an angle of 90 degrees . Similarly for legs , they should also have 90 degree angle between them .

Stairs supremacy

 Always use stairs instead of elevator while coming to the office . One interesting fact if you climb stairs , in your whole things to do list you add one physical exercise in your routine . It will burn your calories  and also helps you in loosing weight and more than that it makes you feel active and provides you energy

Here are some exercises to make you feel relax 

1. Upper body twist :-  This exercise will provide stretch to your upper back .


Step 1 :- Sit on the chair by keeping your spine straight and feet lying flat on the floor .           

Step 2 :- Now the next step is crossing your arms and keeping your hands on the shoulders .           

Step 3 :- Keep your lower body ( hips ) in the same position and slowly move your upper body  in the left as much as your body permits and stay in the same position for 5 seconds.           

Step 4 :-  Similarly repeat for right side . 

2. Neck Stretch :- This stretch is good for releasing the stiffness around the neck .


Step 1 :-  For this exercise , you have to stand up or you can also use the chair without back support .            

Step 2 :- Keep your shoulders down and slowly squeeze your shoulder blades together . Take a count of 5 seconds . Repeat it 10 times . Make sure you don’t discomfort yourself .       

3. Neck Side bend :- This exercise provide stretch to muscles around neck .


Step 1 :- Tilt your head to the right side .           

Step 2 :- Bring your ear close to the shoulder and then with the support of your hand pull your  head farther into the stretch .           

Step 3 :- Count to 20 and then repeat it 3 times .           

Step 4 :-  Same for another side .

Lunch break

 Never eat something on your working desk instead take a chance to do a little  walk , grab a coffee and have a little talk with your friends . have a lunch in  canteen as it will give you a chance again to move away from your space .

Hand exercises

You can also perform hand exercises such as grabbing a ball , Claw stretch ,   Make a fist , Finger lift , Thumb extension etc .

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