How to identify gynecomastia or chest fat ?


It is found in boys or men . It is a condition in which the breasts get larger or there is an overdevelopment of breast tissues .

Cause of Gynecomastia:-

Different medications that affect hormones, ageing , puberty etc can be the cause of this condition . Also the foods such as beet root , soyproducts , frozen meats , deep fried food etc can also be the cause 

Due to reduced male hormones , male breast tissue swells . It can sometimes cause pain in breasts .

  Chest Fat 

 When fat gets deposited in the chest , the term we used is known as chest fat.  In males excess amount of chest fat is basically caused by condition called   gynecomastia  (low testosterone levels ) .

   How to find gynecomastia ?

A person having gynecomastia – a hard lump which is firmer than fat can be felt under his nipple region . this lump can be painful or sensitive to touch . 

  how to diagnose it ?

  • Urine tests .

  • A small breast tissue sample (biopsy) can be removed and checked.

  • Blood tests such as liver function tests .

  • A low dose X- ray of your breast .

Also there is a difference between a male with gynecomastia or male who is having breast cancer .Men who have gynecomastia have swelling in both of breasts whereas one who have breast cancer ,  can find lump only in one side of breasts  .

 Is it something to worry about  ?

It is  not permanent . It goes after six or twelve months leaving just a scar behind . just that it causes sometimes pain . No medication have still been approved for this condition .

How to get rid of it ? 

After some time it may go on its own , but still there are some ways which would be helpful to cure gynecomastia .

1. Avoid alcohol intake , drugs , steroids etc.

2. Try to loss excess fat in your body through weight loss diets , exercises etc .

3. Consume diet with more vegetables and fruits .

4. Yoga will be a great healer to get rid of gynecomastia.

5. Running and walking will also help you to reduce fat .  

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