Can you loose belly fat just by walking?

Brisk walks can definitely help you loose weight. Although walking as is not a strenuous exercise, loosing weight through this is a slow process. Walking is an effective way to loose overall body weight. However, according to Harvard Health Publishing studies, walking for about 30-60 minutes everyday even at a medium pace can help you get rid of belly fat.

How should one start ?

One can start from a mild walk of 15 to 20 minutes and then slowly increase the intensity either the speed or distance of walks. The key also is to maintain good calorie deficit ( burning more calories than consumed) which can help in reducing belly fat faster. Walking everyday improves the blood circulation and reduces the risks of diseases as well. On an average, you can burn 100 calories per mile.

Additionally, walking on uphills or inclined routes can help you burn even more calories.

Which is the best time for walking ?

Some prefer mornings to be the best time as the roads are traffic free and there is less clutter. Also, walking before breakfast (i.e. empty stomach) serves really great benefits. Some researches suggest the afternoon time as the best time for walking. Others also prefer walking after dinner as it saves them from bloating during sleep time. Therefore, you can choose the most suitable time according to your schedule.

Benefits of loosing belly fat through walking :
  • No dependency on gym equipment.

  • No membership money required.

  • Low risk (especially to people with some major health issues who cannot perform heavy exercises.)

  • Very beneficial for heart and diabetic patients.

  • Easiest form of burning calories.

  • Muscles are easy to loose than fat in the process of loosing weight therefore walking helps in preserving the lean muscle.

Things to keep in mind :-
  • Balance is important. So, once you have lost weight you should focus on strength building for which exercise is important.
  • Although effective, you ought to be patient as it is a slow process.
  • Make sure to hydrate yourself during intervals.
  • For better analysis, you can maintain a journal or carry a tracking equipment.
  • Don’t skip the balanced diet part, just because you are walking.
  • Choose a good playlist.
  • Opt healthy snacking.

Lastly, make some realistic goals. When don’t want to move, better reduce the walking time rather than completely skipping it.

Be consistent. Don’t rush for results.

Happy fitness journey:)

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