How to lose weight in healthy manner ?

 When our body digests and absorbs food , there is an amount of energy released which is  called calories . If we burn all the calories we consume in a day , it will maintain our weight  but if we consume more calories than we burn , it will result in weight gain .

Cause of Weight Gain :- 
  • Consuming junk foods.

  • Genetically obese.

  • Consuming processed meals too much .

  • Inadequate sleep. 

  • No physical activity.   


  etc . other activities can be the result of weight gain.

Human body is like a machine and good nutrition food , workout , different exercises ,proper sleep act as a fuel for it . If it doesn’t get proper fuel , it will start showing defects such as gaining in weight and the rest . So to maintain proper body weight is very necessary .

Now how to get rid of that extra weight in our body ?

1. Drink Lukewarm Water

Start you day with a lukewarm water and add some lemon to it .It will relax you body . 

*In case it doesn’t suits you then just drink hot water regularly.

2. Nutritional Food

 Avoid food with high fats and carbs in your diet . prefer balanced and nutritional diet full of vitamins and minerals for a time interval of weight loss journey . as it will not accumulate extra fat around the body .


Exercises such as Running , Walking etc. . Add any one of them to your day to day life .

Running-If you are a youngster it would be good if you do jogging or running either in the morning or in the evening with a time interval that suits you .

Walking-If you are the one with elderly age , prefer long walks rather than fast walks either in the morning or after eating dinner .

4. Diets for Weight Loss

If you can stick to diets for weight loss , it will also greatly help you in weight loss.         

Diets such as :-

  • Keto diet.
  • Intermittent fasting .
  • Mediterranean diet.
  • Plant-based diets.
  • Low-carb diets. 

 etc. as these diet plans doesnot make your calories go either too high or too low .

5. Gym Exercises

If you are the one interested in attaining fitness through gym , then avoid step 3* (exercises) . as gym exercises also help greatly in weight loss such as doing cardio 3 to 5 times a week will make you loose weight .

6. Adequate Sleep

Take an exactly 7 and half hours of sleep  neither less nor more . 

7. Yoga 

Adding yoga in your lifestyle will also helps you in weight loss . 1 hour of yoga 5 times in a week .

8. Consistency

 Consistency and determination is the key here . Be confident and motivated you will surely achieve it 🙂

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