30 easy ways to loose weight

 Have you been struggling for loosing weight but couldn’t achieve it . Don’t worry here are 30 easy ways which will help you in loosing weight .

1. Yoga

 Yoga is found to be very helpful in weight loss . It not only increases your strength and endurance but also burn your calories . Yoga poses such as plank pose , boat pose , warrior pose are greatly beneficial for weight loss .

2. Drinking more water  

Drinking more water boosts your body and clean your body waste . It also increases your metabolism . It helps in burning your calorie easily and reduce the overall liquid calorie intake . It also makes your digestion easily .

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables

 Most fruits and vegetables are naturally low in fast and fulfilling which makes your calories balanced for weight loss .

4Don’t skip meals

 Skipping meals should not be preferred at all in the case of loosing weight as it lowers down your metabolism . Also it can backfires and increase your belly fat instead .

5. Diets for weight loss  

Diets such as intermittent fasting , low – carb diets or plant based dietswould be a great factor in weight loss . It reduce your calorie intake .

6. Prefer Green Tea

Green tea can be drink in the morning and before the workout as it helps you in loosing weight . It has great antioxidants and reduces the amount of fat in the body .

7. Avoid Sitting for long time  

Sitting for greater hours can lead to obesity and decreases your metabolism rate . It also limits the number of calories you burn which results in weight gain .

8 . Practice portion – control  

For reducing that extra calories that we get by overeating , we can prefer portion control . Portion control stands for choosing a healthy amount of certain food .

9. Long walks

 Walking at a slower pace but for longer time burns more calories than quick walking .

10Reduce stress  

Sometimes higher stress levels results in belly fats . So stress should be avoid by yoga , meditation etc. it will surely help you in your weight loss .

11. Avoid alcohols 

Rather than focusing on the weight loss , the body starts focusing on breaking down of alcohol . also alcohol is found to be higher in calories which hinders the procedure of weight loss .

12. Eat slowly

 It is found that people who eat slowly rather than those who gobble up the food are found to have less weight . It not only makes your digestion better but also induce satisfaction .

13. Avoiding too much sugary  foods

Small amounts of sugar in your food is even the cause of weight gain . It is actually a type of carbohydrate which inflame fat cells which in result release chemicals that results in weight gain .


 Performing exercise for even a bit of time increases your metabolism and burn your calories more easily .

15. Eating a balanced diet

 It helps the person in loosing weight as the person consuming balanced diet increase the consumption of protein which in turn avoids consuming the excessive carbohydrates .

16Have a proper sleep

 Your body needs energy for burning the calories . Getting proper amount of sleep conserver your energy and provide it proper for fuel for working during the waking hours .

17. Increase protein intake

 Increasing more protein consumption rather than carbs and fats reduce the amount of hunger hormones in your body . It makes you eat fewer calories automatically by reducing the hunger .

18. Importance of salads

 Adding  salad in your diet will help you lot in losing weight . It is fulfilling as well as have low calories . also it is full of nutrients and have low fibers .

19. Choose weight loss supporting foods

 As consuming low calorie foods will help you in weight loss and you wont be so much strict in counting calories .

20Avoid Processed Foods

 The processed foods should be highly avoided as they contain high amount of sugar , fats and calories . Also they are created in such a way that you become highly addictive to them .

21Eat in intervals

 You can eat healthy  more , but try to eat it in intervals as you can consume meals four or five times a day but in lesser quantity .

22. Self – control

Self control is more important than anything . Everyone will eat unhealthy food in front of you . and if you couldn’t control yourself ,you will easily be out of track . so be strictly disciplined in your mind  throughout the journey .

23. Avoid Salty foods

 Avoiding salt greatly helps in weight loss as a diet free from salt easily helps tin shedding weight through water loss in the body .

24Brushing your teeth

 You might be considering it as smaller but brushing teeth is also necessary as it makes you disciplined helped you to have a control on yourself while grabbing something unnecessary to eat .

25. Variety in low carbs and  fat foods  

It might happen that your taste buds will crave for spicy or processed foods , so it is very important to eat variety of foods so that you don’t get bored .

26. Plan your meals

 Planning your meals is also a good step in weight loss journey . As through it you will keep variation in your meals and also you will stay motivated .

27. Gym exercises

They increase the number of calories you burn each day . They increase your metabolism and help in growth of lean body mass . Gym exercises such as weight lifting , treadmill etc .

28. Have a check on your weight

 Keep checking your weight before and after the meals and also have a eye on the weight measurement thrice in a week . As you will be sure of the results of your journey .

29Sprouts supremacy

 Sprouts are highly recommended while weight loss procedure . they are extremely protein – rich and contains very lesser amount of calories . also a bowl of sprouts can make you feel fuller and reduces appetite .

30. Consistency

Weight loss is a long process . You need to be determined to achieve it as you need to make your body adapt to it . So stay positive and determined you will surely feel the change .

Lets do it 🙂

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  • January 11, 2022 at 10:58 am

    Hi, great tips. I will definitley use these. I tried subscribing to your blog to get your future posts recieve to my email but it didn’t work. Could you please fix it for me. Thanks

    • January 12, 2022 at 1:42 pm

      Hi Rusell , New features have been added by which you will receive email every time we add new posts . Thankyou so much for your valuable opinion.


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