Mistakes that slow down your metabolism

 Metabolism is actually the chemical reactions in your body in which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy . Our body requires this energy for performing all chores  and for growth as well . In short words , metabolism is a life sustaining process found in all creatures living on this planet .

So therefore such a strong chemical process is affected by each and every activity we perform , the way we live , the things we consume etc . but Is it true that there are some activities that slows down your metabolism ?

Well the answer is Yes !

So here are some mistakes that slow down your metabolism

1. Sitting for long time

 Sitting for more than 30 minutes slower down you metabolism by 90 percent which is actually too much . so its very necessary to get up after 15 or 20 minutes if your habit is to sit for prolong hours . After every 15 or 20 minutes either take a little walk or perform exercises . You can also perform the workout while sitting down .

2Not getting enough sleep  

Our body requires  energy for burning the calories . Getting proper amount of sleep conserver your energy and provide it proper for fuel for working during the waking hours whereas getting lesser sleep slows down your metabolism and your body doesn’t have the essential energy which certainly results in weight gain as when you don’t get enough sleep you are tired to do any work .  you are not determined for performing exercises and also you feel it okay to skip meals or eat less than your body demands which reduces your metabolism . So a healthy sleep is surely a key to balanced metabolism .

3. Eating too much processed meals

How can you be active , if your meals are not ? 

Processed foods are found to have too much calories , unhealthy fats and carbohydrates whereas they have very low quantities of proteins and fats which are actually required by body . The processed foods requires  very less  energy to digest the foods we eat , which in turn burns very few calories and as a whole it results in weight gain . On worst cases , eating too much of the tastier processed foods can also result in obesity , heart diseases , high blood pressure etc .

4. No physical activities

 Sitting the whole day without performing any exercise leads to building of fat around the body which makes you lazy and slows down your metabolism whereas performing exercise increases the amount of calories burnt by the body while being at rest . The muscle cells require more energy than normal cells to sustain than our fat cells . so by performing physical exercises , people tend to gain more muscles than fat which induce great metabolism rate .

Physical exercises can be of any type :- walking for long hours , running , swimming , gym exercises , yoga etc . 

5. Not eating enough protein  

Some people don’t consume enough protein required by the body . They are more focused on eating processed foods such as junk foods and packaged meals which have refined carbs and unhealthy fats . Eating more amount of protein helps your body in building muscles which in turn increases your metabolism and we feel healthy and energetic . Protein burn your calories more and boosts your metabolism . 

Vegetarian foods such as sprouts , soybeans , soya chunks whereas non – veg foods such as fish , meat , eggs are found to be extremely protein-rich .

Having a balanced and great metabolism is very much beneficial rather than having a less metabolism than required and our generation very much requires the high metabolism . So lets start together the journey of being healthy .

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