10 healthy indian breakfast that help you loose weight

 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It breaks the overnight fasting period. It provides the necessary nutrients required for your body and boosts your energy helping you to perform your everyday tasks. When it comes to flavours and varieties, the options from West seems to be popularized but what about trying our own indian breakfasts which are full of rich wholesome healthy meals with a twist of yummy and delicious taste.

Here, are 10 healthy indian breakfasts that you can have while trying to loose some weight. Let’s dig into them!

1. Poha

Poha also known as flattened rice is prepared by parboiling paddy or rice and then dried out in the sun. One of the best meal for breakfasts, a bowl of poha weighs just 250 calories. To add minerals, antioxidants and vitamins you can also add veggies on your bowl of poha.

2. Vegetable Dalia

Made from oats cooked in water, vegetable dalia is a great choice of breakfast for people trying to cut their weight. A bowl of dalia contains as much as 150 calories. It is high in fiber and rich in minerals. It a great weight loss meal, prevents constipation and keeps your stomach full for longer refraining you from overeating.

3. Besan ka Chilla

Besan ka chilla is delicious indian pancake made from gram flour or besan. Due to its low level of glycemic index, it is another good option for weight loss. Being rich in soluble fibre, it also helps in lowering the risks of heart diseases. There are various variations that can be done to its recipe by using a number of ingredients like onions, spinach, Fenugreek etc.

4. Idli Sambhar

A delicious recipe made with lentils, spice powder, quick cook veggies & herbs and batter made with commonly rice, dal and vigna Mungo. Idli sambhar contains various weight loss benefits. For better weight loss results, some people also add citrus juice in batter and use oats for batter to make it even more healthy.

5. Ragi Dosa

Dosa is a great source of healthy carbs and is a good choice for breakfast if you are planning to loose some weight. People make some variations in regular dosa to make it even more healthy like quinoa dosa, oats dosa, multigrain dosa. Ragi Dosa is one such variations which is another healthy and tasty way to include protein and fibre in your breakfast and speed up your weight loss process.

6. Paneer Bhurji

Being rich in protein, paneer bhurji is an excellent option for weight loss. Paneer helps reducing your appetite making you feel full for longer and burning your belly fat slowly. Paneer also contains omega 3 fatty acids which is good for your health. Paneer bhurji is therefore is a superb way of consuming paneer. One can also add veggies to add extra charm of vitamins in your paneer bhurji.

7. Dhokla

Feather light and fluffy dhokla is a Gujarati recipe made of besan (gram flour) and mild spices and is a good source of protein. They are steamed and not fried ,still induces the sense of fullness. Dhoklas are excellent choice for people looking to loose weight.

8. Upma

Upma is commonly prepared from semolina ( rava or sooji), dal and onions. It is nutrition packed meal with the goodness of vitamins and minerals. It provides the body with enough energy for performing routine tasks. One can also enjoy it with sambhar. It digests slowly inducing sense of satiety and preventing you from binge eating.

9. Methi Paratha

Great healthy alternative to plain paratha, methi paratha is made from Fenugreek ( commonly known as methi in India). It is an ideal choice for breakfast supplying you with the benefits of healthy green leafy vegetable(methi) necessary for your body aiding your weight loss process.

10. Khichdi

Khichdi also known as porridge is extremely low in calories and a great weight loss friendly meal. Khichdi is commonly prepared from rice and lentils and by adding some veggies and spices in it. It is not only a super food for weight loss but also helps immensely in calming the digestive system (by detoxifying it) and by improving the immunity. When you get bored of one trying one type of khichdi, you need not to be sad and can shift to taste it’s other types like Bajra khichdi, dalia khichdi , dal khichdi ,and oats khichdi.

Rather than gripping unhealthy heavy and packaged breakfasts. Try these amazing freshly cooked healthy nutritious indian breakfasts at home and say goodbye to your extra kilos:)

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