15 indian healthy foods to gain weight

Where a human’ s soul values inner beauty , the society we live in values our outer beauty by our personality , by our weight that we are underweight or overweight and by many other things . No matter how much you avoid it but having a good personality is an inspiration for all .

For those who are obese , the problem is loosing weight but for those who are extremely thin how can they gain weight by extremely healthy and affordable diet . You might have read many blogs about loosing weight by healthy diet but this blog is all about how to gain weight through healthy foods .

So here are 15 indian healthy food which will help you to gain weight :

1. Dum aloo ki sabji

 This is basically boiled potatoes cooked in spicy onion , tomato and yogurt gravy . It is very  healthy and contains lots of calories . You should cook it in less oil and yogurt will less calories . One serving of it contains 300 calories out of which carbohydrates are 187 calories , proteins are 27 calories and fats is 119 calories . esentially great for weight gain .

2. Paneer paratha

Paneer paratha is basically a indian  flat bread made of wheatflour dough . It is stuffed with grated indian cottage cheese (paneer) , little spices , coriander. To make it more healthy apply ghee on it or a good oil . It is extremely tasteful and contain around 276 calories out of which carbohydrates are 120 calories , proteins are 41 calories and fats are 115 calories .

3. Kulche chhole

 Try to make it at home . Make your kulcha with whole wheat and avoid butter with it . Choles are basically chickpeas cooked with veggies . They are extremely healthy .They are extremely rich in protein and fiber .  It contains lots of calories and can help in gaining weight .

4. Chicken-curry

 It contains lots of calories . It is made up of chicken cooked in an onion and tomato based sauce with a lot of spices . It is a house of calories .

5. Lassi

 A drink full of nutrients . It is a blend of yogurt , water and some spices . It is rich in protein and boosts your metabolism and improve your bone density .

6. Pav Bhaji

You have to make little modifications to make it healthy . Pav is basically a bread roll and bhaji is a vegetable dish made from potatoes , capsicum , tomatoes , onions , green peas and cauliflower . Cook it in healthy oil .

7. Gajar ka halwa

It is an indian dessert made from carrot . It is made in pressure cooker by adding grated carrots , specific amount of water , milk , cardamom and sugar . Try to make it healthy by converting it into low fats .

8. Pulao

Pulao is basically a rice dish which is made by cooking the rice and adding various vegetables , meat , poultry in it . It can contribute to weight gain . as it contains lots of calories .

9. Kheer

 Kheer is also a kind of indian dessert . It is made from rice  , milk , sugar , cardamom and dry fruits . Try to add less sugar in it as it becomes less healthy with addition of sugar . Its loaded with calories and can be responsible for weight gain .

10. Onion bhaji

It is a spicy snack basically like fritters made from onions . It is full of flavonoids . It also contains anti-oxidants which are beneficial to health.

11. Aloo paratha

 Aloo paratha is similarly like a paneer paratha . just instead of stuffing of paneer (indian cottage cheese) , you have to stuff boiled and steamed potatoes , spices , salt , onion , coriander . Apply ghee or healthy oil on it to make it more healthy and it contains lots of calories .

12. Baingan ka bharta  

It is super healthy and is also beneficial for diabetes .

13. Tandoori chicken  

It is not preferred for those with heart problems . It is loaded with calories . It is made in a mixture of yogurt and various spices . A perfect blend of spices is added in it .

14. Banana shake

 It is house of nutrients such as potassium , calcium and many other . It is healthy and can also lead to weight gain . 

15. Aloo gobi

It is an indian dish made of cauliflower and potatoes cooked together with spices . It is high is fibers and easy to cook . 

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