Is desi ghee good for health?

Desi ghee has its origin in ancient India. It is made from cow’s milk and the original making process includes heating white butter in slow heat as a result of which the product consist rich nutrients. Desi ghee devoid synthetic fat and contains animal fat. Desi ghee carries more nutrients than clarified butter.

Long story short: Is it good for health. Yes, it definitely is. 


Here we go!!

1. Remedy for Cold

Ever heard your grandma highlighting the use of desi ghee earlier in their households. Well, it’s surely because of the medicinal properties of desi ghee. Besides being a healthy fat, desi ghee has been widely used in households especially indian households to treat blocked nose, cough and is an effective remedy for cold. 

2. A healthy moisturizer

Before you make a yuck face imagining ghee on your face and palms. Just read on!! Have you ever wondered that older generations had more radiating faces even though they never used the so called “glowing skin ” products sold in the market nowadays. It is because they have been using desi ghee as a natural moisturizer for glowing, rich and toxin free skin. Even our liquid gold is also very beneficial for our hair as it shines them too.

3. Solves digestion problems

Ghee carries anti-viral, anti-fungal and antioxidant properties. Besides this , it has numerous detoxification properties and acts as a great lubricant preventing problems like constipation and cleaning intestine passage.

4. Strengthening immunity system

Desi ghee has gut health boosting properties and around 80% of our immune system lives on our gut. It helps in absorbing vitamins and minerals from other foods. Besides strengthening immunity, pure home made desi ghee is capable of sharpening memory and shaping physical and mental well being.

Other benefits: 

Desi ghee helps in memory boosting, has anti- inflammatory properties. And improves eyesight as it possesses a cooling oil property.( However eyes being sensitive organ, any step should be taken with professional medical instructions).

Also to know before using a lot of desi ghee:-

Although desi ghee has numerous advantages, a diet filled with ghee can raise bad cholesterol level and can be harmful to heart patients or people with serious cardiovascular diseases. Apart from rich ayurvedic properties, too much ghee can lead to serious weight gain. One should keep in mind that if you want to entail all the amazing benefits, its important that you digest the desi ghee in your diet through exercise or at least a light 30 minute walk so that it does not lead to blockage of heart artery in any case.

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