Ghee vs butter vs olive oil: Which one is better for weight loss ?

 A lot of people believe that they should eliminate fats completely from their diet especially when they are on a strict weight loss plan. To burst such myth, one needs to understand the importance of healthy fats in their diets. 

It might sound confusing to link fats with healthy weight loss but as contradictory as it sounds, consuming the the right kind and right amount of fat can actually help you achieve your weight loss goals faster. 

The most popular options of health fat in various weight loss diets are ghee, butter and olive oil. But which amongst them is the most healthiest and most helpful for weight loss.

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Health benefits of ghee

 Although ghee is one of the food that is considered heavy fat provider but now it is gaining popularity all over the world because of it’s weight loss benefits Ghee is one of the purest form of fat and is an excellent nutrient provider that strengthens the bones, provides nourishment and helps the brain function well. It helps in improving digestion and is a immunity booster. It is an ideal source of healthy fatty acids and fat soluble vitamins that helps aiding weight loss. It’s high smoking point makes it good for cooking as well. It contains rich vitamins like Vitamin A,D and K. Ghee is also easy to digest because of it’s gut friendly enzymes.


Butter can be considered as a healthy part of your diet. It is rich in compounds like bone building calcium and contains compounds that helps lowering weight gain. Butter is no bad although it should be consumed in moderation. As it is extracted from dairy, it contains no trans fat and is rich in nutrients like vitamin A and E and contains antioxidants. Butter is considered a better substitute of regular oil. It’s also consumed because of it’s rich taste addition to food.

Olive oil

Olive oil is one of the most preferred option of fat in diet among weight watchers. Olive oil is a form healthy fat because of it’s anti-inflammatory properties. Not only it helps in promoting good digestive system but helps benefitting heart and bone health too. Olive oil helps stabilizing blood sugar levels and is loaded with antioxidants. Olive oil contains modest amount of vitamin E and K.

 A study linked the olive oil with the benefit of reducing the clot in the blood and improving the circulation of blood flow. The main disadvantage of olive oil is that it’s quite resistant to overheating and thus should not be overcooked.

Which among the three is the best ?

When compared with butter, olive oil is slightly more healthier especially when you are looking for weight loss. It contains less saturated fat than butter and is considered better for frying. Butter is heavier, is more calorie dense and should be included in diet in limited quantities. When compared with ghee, olive oil again contains less saturated fat and is rather high in monosatured fat which is actually healthy for you. Although both olive oil and ghee are high in calories but the main downside of ghee is it can even increase your cholesterol levels. 

If you are conscious of every calorie going inside you, then olive oil is good to go option. On the other hand, health goals can differ from person to person, so if you want to receive an overall package of benefits it is preferable to include ghee in your diet. But if you are someone who has been fighting with every kilo and struggling to loose weight, thumbs up to olive oil.

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