Healthy eating vs food diets : Which is better for weight loss

 Like a new trend on instagram , there is a new trend which is very popular in every society that ‘ s one and only Weight loss . On upper level , if you are a person with a balanced and apt weight , you are socially acknowledged , considered as a charming personality , every outfit will perfectly suits you and it will also motivate you to keep working hard and you will feel a great self reflection of yours .

Till now , you might have realized the importance of weight loss .

For the journey of weight loss , some things are extremely important in both healthy eating as well as food diets :-

1. Firstly considering the importance of food

Your food should not contain too much calories and it should be fulfilling as well . Try to eat light food which is cooked in less as well as healthy oil . Focus more on fruits and vegetables .

2. Don’t sit for too much time

Sitting for too much time reduces your metabolism and make you fat . It is very important for you to take breaks between your work .

3. Physical exercise

Physical exercise is very important for weight loss . Choose any exercise of your choice and perform it regularly . It can be swimming , walking for long hours , running , workout , gym exercises etc .

4. Don’t skip meals

Don’t skip meals , it interrupts your body ‘s digestion instead you can practice portion control .

Now focusing on the main part of the blog . many nutritionists recommend  various diets such as high protein diet , keto diet and many other diets whereas some prefer healthy eating such as eating green veggies , fruits , fruit juices .

Which is better for weight loss ?

Lets compare both

Healthy eating

A healthy eating  plan focuses on eating fruits , vegetables , eggs , nuts , low-fat dairy products . A healthy eating influence your lifestyle in long term and you can follow it actively without sticking to repetitive foods . Healthy eating actually makes a complete balance diet which never let you lack of nutrition as it contains all the vitamins and minerals incorrect proportion .

Healthy diet helps in loosing weight slowly and also provide many benefits such as it promotes healthy heart , fulfill your nutritional requirements . It keeps your immune system strong which helps you to stay away from diseases .

Here are some of the things that you have to maintain for loosing weight by healthy eating
  • Its very important to consume either fruits or fruit juice once in a day in the journey of healthy eating .
  • Keeps your meals consistent in proportion as well as timings .
  • Do physical activities or exercises regularly .
  • Focus on healthy foods  such as lentils , grains , low-fat dairy products etc .
  • You can keep one day in a week as your cheat day and eat your favourite food on that day but keep oil and artificial sugar very less in it by instructing it .
  • Don’t sleep too much or too less , ideally you should have a sleep of 6 or 7 hours . too much sleep will make you lazy and too less will drain your whole energy .

This is how a healthy eating plan works , looks easy and easy tooo follow .

Food diets

Food dieting basically values restricting of calories for loosing weight and it should be followed for particular interval of time such as for time period of 3 months .

Some food diets are
  • Intermittent fasting :- Intermittent fasting not only limits your intake of calories but also restricts the time for you have to eat . It has its own advantages as well as disadvantages .
  • Low – carb diets :- In this diet you have to consume fats and proteins and avoid carbohydrates for particular time .
  • Many other diets such as low-fat diets , plant – based diets which have their own protocols for particular time .

Which is better ?

Healthy eating diet is found to be much better than food diets although it can take little more time than dieting . but dieting has many disadvantages which are not good for long term such as it can make your body lack of various nutrients such as low carb diets can make you body weak as well as it is not receiving required amount of carbs . more than that in case of healthy eating weight loss will be basically fat reduction . you just have to keep the calories intake in mind , and slowly make it into practice , you will not feel any restriction and naturally it will be your habit .Here you go . Have a great choice 🙂

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