10 Indian breakfast that healthy people eat

” Healthy eating leads you to healthy life ” .

Eating a healthy breakfast is very necessary as it makes you keep going for your whole day . It is the first meal  of your day so it becomes your need to make it healthy as eating a wrong type of breakfast can upset your stomach and makes you lazy , so consider your breakfast very important . ” Our body is like a car , healthy food and healthy sleep is its fuel ” . So you should have a deep thinking about your meals but this article mainly focuses on your healthy breakfast option .

Here are 10 Indian breakfast options that are commonly preferred by healthy people :-

1. Dhokla

You might have heard about dhokla but have you ever thought about considering it in breakfast . Yes dhokla comes under healthy breakfast option and many people eat it in breakfast . Dhokla is steamed and very low oil is preferred for  its cooking which makes it healthy . Dhokla is made up of besan which is actually a great source of protein . It is made from a fermented batter from legumes like chickpeas , pigeon pea , urad and rice etc . 

2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is preferably a breakfast option made from oats and from either water or milk . For better taste option , you can add dry fruits to it ( if they are white oats ) . They are full of fibers and many nutrients such as magnesium , iron and different vitamins . You can also add bananas to oatmeal to make it a great healthy choice . also it lowers your cholesterol and makes you active .

3. Healthy indian juices

 We should definitely consider indian juices into our breakfast option as they were are very healthy and make you away from diseases . They are actually the natural antioxidants . You should prefer the green juices such as spinach and mint juice , they are anti inflammatory and cures cancer whereas juices such as apple juice and carrot coriander juice keeps your heart healthy .

4. Dosa

 Dosa is although a south – indian dish but because of its spectacular taste and great health benefits , it is preferred as breakfast in all over the india . It is a very light that ‘ s why it is very much ideal  as breakfast . It is a great source of protein .  It improves your digestion and it can also be made in ghee . The carbohydrates in the batter of dosa are so good that they provide you tons of energy .

5. Undi

Have you heard this name first time ?

Unique na !!

Undi is a dish that is prepared in the coastal karnataka region but is very ideal to be eaten as breakfast . It is basically the coconut rice dumplings that are steamed  and you know what they don’t even require fermentation . You can even even prepare it previous night before eating and keep in refrigerator and eat them for 1 or 2 days . Serve them with Green coconut sauce and spicy potato curry and you are ready to eat .

6. Misal Pav

It is a dish that originated from maharashtra and guess what its served in breakfast and is extremely delicious . It consists of misal and pav . Misal which is a spicy curry made from generally moth beans and pav which is just bread roll and final touch is topping it with coriander , onions , tomatoes , lemon juicew and just perfect to eat it as breakfast .

7. Thepla

 Thepla is a breakfast option that originated from gujarat . It is made up of whole wheat flour by adding chickpeas and millet flour on them . They are found to be good for eyes , skin and hairs . They helps you to maintain energy and burn extra calories . You can serve it with pickle or curd .

8. Besan ka Chilla :

Besan ka chilla is delicious indian pancake made from gram flour or besan. Due to its low level of glycemic index, it is another good option for weight loss. Being rich in soluble fibre, it also helps in lowering the risks of heart diseases. There are various variations that can be done to its recipie by using a number of ingredients like onions, spinach, Fenugreek etc.

9. Samak chawal pulao

This dish can ideally be eaten in breakfast and is a great replacement for rice eaters .It is made up of samak ke chawal which is basically (wild millet rice ) . Firstly clean the rice and boil the potatoes and cut them into cubes after peeling . the next step is to put oil in pressure cooker and then saute the boiled potatoes and green chillies . then add two cups water and salt as per your taste . Shut the cooker and give one whistle , and then steam for some time . hence , perfect to eat .

10. Appam

originated in south india  mainly from kerala . It is a kind of pancake made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk . It can be eaten in breakfast .It contains many nutrients anfd is filled with protein . It boosts your immunity and is very good for intestines .

So enjoy your healthy and tasty indian breakfasts with a smile 🙂

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