How vegetarians can add more protein to diet ?

Are you a vegetarian and try to gain weight but still you can’t ?

Are you trying to build muscles but you haven’t ?

Are you trying to be healthy physically and having socially charming personality but you couldn’t make it possible till now ?

Are you eating more calories than enough but what nothing is working ??

The answer to all this questions are  that you are not eating enough protein that is required by your body . Protein are the building blocks of our body . To make a healthy body and build muscles , Our body requires an average of 56 grams of protein per day . 

Why non- vegetarians are found to be more extroverted than vegetarians whereas vegetarians are found to be slimmer ?

The reason for this is non – vegans are found to consume chicken , eggs , meat , fish which are found to be rich in protein and help them build their muscles and look healthier whereas vegans are found to have very less protein content in their diet as they are not aware of all much protein rich products that they can have in their diet .

So here are some of the the ways how vegetarians can add more protein to their diet :-

1. Dairy products

 Dairy products such as milk , cheese and yogurt are great sources of protein and calcium . They contain  high – quality proteins which contain all the essential amino acids required by your body but  your body can’t make them . 1 cup of yogurt contains 13 grams of protein  whereas 100 grams of cheese contain 25 grams of protein . cool na !!

These dairy foods helps you to keep your bones and teeth strong . and they also prevent osteoporosis .

2. High- protein Fruits

Here are list of high protein fruits :-

  • Bananas :-1.6g
  • Grapefruit :- 1.3g
  • Raisins :- 1g
  • Cherries :- 1.6g
  • Apricot :-2g
  • Kiwis :- 2g
  • Blackberries :- 2g 
  • Avocado :- 3g
  • Guava :- 4g
  • Jackfruit :- 3g

Well you might feel that some of the fruits mentioned above have very less quantities  of protein but other fruits you know they might be healthy but they don’t have sufficient amounts of protein .

3. Protein-shake

 Protein shakes contain protein powders which are actually powdered form of protein that come from plants or they might be whey protein . These shakes helps in muscle gain , recovering from injuries , loosing weight etc .

4. Tofu

 100 grams of tofu contains 8 grams of protein . Another name for tofu is bean curd . It is found to contain all the 9 essential amino acids . also it contains healthy fiber and fats . 

5. Soyachunks

which you call as nutri in india . Soyachunks are found to be great source of protein . 100 grams of uncooked soyachunks have 52 grams of protein which is sufficient . They are rich in iron and calcium . They boosts your metabolism and increase your muscle building.

6. Lentils

Lentils are great source of protein . One cup of cooked lentils have 18 g of protein which contains tons of fibers , vitamins and minerals . Lentils help in preventing diabetes and maintaining weight and prevents from obesity .

7. Beans

Beans are great source of protein . Beans such as Red kidney beans , chickpeas , soybeans contains high ratio of protein . These beans help the body to heal the injured tissues and make new tissues . They reduce cholesterol levels . 

8. Oats and Oatmeal

Oats and oatmeal are great source of protein . They reduce risk of heart diseases and lower the cholesterol levels .

There are many other sources of protein such as :- pumpkin seeds , green peas , peanut butter etc . they have sufficient amount of protein .

Now we hope that after reading this article while considering high quantity protein -foods , only animal products will not come into your mind .

Enjoy your  protein-rich diet 🙂

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