Diet plans you should never think about following

Anything we eat or drink comes under the category of diet . Various types of diet plans such as ketogenic diet , plant-based diets , low carb diets and many other diets  have been followed by various people for various purposes such as weight management , healthy lifestyle etc .
Everyone in this world wants to look slim and confident because of which they try every possible options that have the probability of working out without having proper knowledge of them that some of them can backfires also . Therefore this article provides you information about 

Diet plans you should never think about following

  • Alkaline diet

This diet focus on controlling the ph of the body with the help of foods we eat . In this diet you have to eat fruits , vegetables and whole lot foods which helps in maintaining good health . Plus you have to avoid all the foods that form acids such as dairy products , meats , wheat containing products . But humans always have the tendency to exceed the limit , like when they become too restrictive with their food choices , this diet backfires and the result can become negative . This diet is extremely low in certain nutrients such as calcium and potassium and it is also restricted for people with any kidney disease and heart problem .So it would be better if we don’t think about following this diet .

  • The Carnivore diet

You might have heard this name for first time and it will be shocking for you even , but ya many people follow this diet . So what exactly this diet is about ?
This diet is preferred for loosing weight and in this you have to eat nothing except meat , fish and just animal products . like seriously you can’t eat anything like fruits , vegetables . Because of which this diet is found to have extreme negative effect , it can even give rise to dangerous diseases probably nutritional deficiencies .

  • 5 Bite diet

This diet firstly restricts having breakfast means you have to  entirely skip your breakfast , only you can have black coffee and then the next rule is that the bites of your lunch and dinner should not exceed than 5 per meal . like seriously!! Firstly skipping meals is something that is never recommended and eating so many less calories , ya it will loose weight definitely but your muscles will be extremely weak and your body will loose the whole energy . also it will come with so many bad results afterwards . so 5 bite diet — a big No !

  • Juice diet

In this diet , you have to entirely live on juices without eating anything which is very bad .Following this diet interferes your digestion too much and also slows your metabolism and in long term we face nutritional deficiencies .

Like this many diets have been there such as Apple Cider Vinegar diet , Military diet , Body – type diet , Blood type diet that are not at all recommend and will make you thin but in long term will badly affect , probably their side effects are very much greater than benefits .So instead you should try those diets that have been approved by nutritionists and doctors such as keto diet , Intermittent fasting and many more . There are tons of choices .
Healthy choice , Healthy life 🙂

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