7 foods to reduce cholesterol levels

  A healthy diet is probably an alternative for medications . We as generation of 21st century prefer medicines for every small problem related to body . If we are suffer from any nutritional deficiency we prefer supplements , If there is any fluctuation in our blood pressure level , we prefer medicines , a little body ache , a little leg pain , even toothache we prefer to take painkillers . 

You who are reading this – Ask yourself  , Is it correct ?

Medicines probably contain a particular amount of chemicals which could be less , but still it might cure your one problem but in the long term you or your next generation have to suffer because of taking so much medications .

So there is one more problem for which people prefer to take medicines and again will pay for it in long term :-  that is fluctuation in cholesterol levels – high cholesterol level , low cholesterol level . But we have an alternate solution for it .

Ya you might have guess it till now , This blog is all about the foods that will reduce your cholesterol levels . This would be a great initiative for your body .

So here are 7 foods to reduce your cholesterol levels


Focusing on fruits is a great initiative for reducing cholesterol levels . Nature has given us life and all the things to live life ideally , one of which is fruits , Fruits such as apples , oranges , avocadoes , bananas , citrus fruits , grapes and strawberries and many others are found to reduce the cholesterol levels . Actually fruits contain a fiber named as pectin which lowers your cholesterol and also they have great antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties .

Oats and oatmeal with lots of nuts

 Oatmeal is one of the most effective food for lowering the cholesterol levels . Oats contain fibers which are required to reduce the LDL levels . This is even proved by research . One of the more benefits of having oatmeal is that it works instantly .While adding bananas and dry fruits such as cashews and nuts is a cherry on cake as they are powerhouses of nutrients.

Apple cider vinegar

You might have heard about it before also . actually apple cider vinegar diet was used for the purpose of loosing weight . Taking it can balance your healthy cholesterol levels and also lowers blood sugar levels and manage diabetes .


  Don’t get worried , its not something new . Okra is an another name of ladyfinger . In simple words Bhindi ki sabzi . It is a pack of nutrients and also lower in calories which means it is also good for weight loss . It improves your digestion and strengthen your immune system and also lowers your bad cholesterol levels .


 Make a salad of sprouts by adding onions and tomatoes in it . Sprouts are extremely healthy and are too much rich in protein . Consuming them can lower your cholesterol levels and also provide freshness and energy . Eating sprouts is something you should definitely add to your diet plan .

Beans and Legumes

 Eating a bowl full of beans and legumes . Beans such as Chickpeas , Black chickpeas , Kidney beans is extremely beneficial . They lower the risk of heart diseases , and lowers your cholesterol levels .

Green Tea

 Green tea is something that can be given the tag of an All-Rounder . It contains great benefits . It has antioxidant properties and contain an antioxidant named as catechin which is responsible for lowering cholesterol levels .

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