How to ease body aches and pain ?

 We all have been at a stage in life where we have experienced the uneasiness in our body due to body aches and pain. Body pain could be result of a muscle pull or muscle pain that can be caused due to various reasons. The common causes of muscle pain include sitting for long hours, too much exercise, strain, sprain or doing a physical activity for the first time.

Body ache on the other hand is a common symptom of many conditions. Any sort of infection, virus, flu or common cold can make body feel achy. Even if the body has over exercised, it can make it hard for the muscles to move and cause body ache. As there are muscles in almost every part of body, muscles aches and pain are the major reasons of causing body aches and body pains.

If you are suffering from any such body pain or ache, worry not as here we disclose you some effective measures which you can try and use at home to help yourself relieve from the uneasy feeling of achiness.

1. Rest

Resting is a wise choice to refill your body with energy and soothing your muscle as it gives time to your muscle to heal and grow. You might also try some gentle stretching but remember to not overdo it.

2. Muscle massage

Apart from giving an instant soothe to your muscles. Massaging the muscles helps decreasing the inflammation, helps improving the flow of blood and oxygen in muscles promoting faster recovery. Massaging could be done simply by applying a prescribed ointment or by rubbing the aching part with oil.

3. Hot showers

Hot shower baths are a great relieve to sore muscles. They help relieving muscle tension by reducing tightness and inflammation and by improving blood circulation thereby easing the pain. Some people also prefer bath salts to treat pain by adding Epsom salt into bathing water for better results.

4. Heat packs

Supply heat to the affected area. Not only this helps you soothe the muscles but helps opening the blood vessels as well. Some exercises can lead to the building up of lactic acid which can be treated by improving circulation with the help of heat packs. Some people use cold packs. Although one should know that heat packs are used to treat muscle aches, stiffness or pain and cold packs for swelling or inflammation.

5. Take medications

If the sore muscles condition is worsened, you must take some pain relievers, anti-inflammatory drug or prescribed pain relievers or pain killers to help you deal with the discomfort. It is preferable to only take the medications that you know will suit your body or in the best case is being taken with the consultancy of a doctor.

6. Nutritious food

There are ample of foods that have been known to deal body aches and pain by easing pain, dealing stiffness and treating soreness. The addition of anti-inflammatory food can really be proved to be an ideal choice to kick out aches and pain. The list of some of these nutritious food include nuts, seeds, soups, green leafy vegetables etc.


Body aches and pain can arise from a number of reasons and can be treated with home remedies easily. These include treating your muscle aches by taking hot shower baths, applying heat packs or cold packs( heat packs in pain and cold packs in soreness and inflammation), muscle massaging (this could be done by applying a prescribed ointment or just oil). One could also take prescribed medicines or anti-inflammatory drugs in case of unbearable pain or pain that couldn’t be treated with other ways. Resting for some days and choosing to have a nutritious diet is just another simple yet effective way to treat body aches and pains.

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