Too much exercise can cause damage

 Its the tendency of humans to do everything extreme . We can never be satisfied in less.

We all know how important is to perform physical exercises . Sitting whole day on the desk and just working , in the long term it will make your muscles as well as bones weak . your neck pain will start along with the backache . also there would be a lack of motivation for going on with your work .

Physical exercises make you healthy , give time to relax your body . Give you motivation for your work . It teaches you how to increase focus of your mind and make your body balanced . You can perform any kind of physical exercise such as swimming , gym workouts , yoga , running , trekking , dance and many others are there . Every physical exercise has its own benefits but one thing all have in common is they make your body active .

But Is it that too much exercise can cause damage ?

If you are someone who is overdoing the exercises , this is for you :-

Poor immunity

Too much exercise for long time can have a opposite effect on your immune system , it can break the barriers of infections because of which you would easily get infected by respiratory infections . this doesn’t apply to every exercises but certainly to exercises like swimming etc .

Effect on heart  

Performing exercises for too much time can shockingly increase the risk of cardiac arrest for those that are particularly suffering from cardiac diseases . Also it is found that those performing it for much time , they have a chance of getting heart diseases because of too much pressure on arteries specially women .

Deprives body of energy

Too much exercise makes your body devoid of energy because of which you feel depressed and demotivated . It makes you feel irritated and certainly because of which you can’t enjoy small moments of life and it gives you negative impact .

Weakens the metabolism

For performing exercise for longer time , your body have to provide energy to the body which constantly put stress on organs , and it makes your body devoid of nutrients and reduces the bone density .

Cause of injuries

 Yes , of course too much exercise can be the cause of injuries . It can be the cause of muscle strains , sprains , fractures and shin splints .

Decreased performance

You might feel that you will become a pro in the particular exercise after performing it for longer times without breaks but its wrong . In real , it can decrease your performance , strength and also can weakens your agility .

Hormonal imbalance

 Overtraining makes your hormones imbalanced and reduces your concentration . also it can lead to weight loss by making you extremely thin which is necessarily not good for body .

Too much eating is bad as it makes you unhealthy and overweight  . Too much sleeping is bad as it makes you lazy . so how can too much exercise performing be good ?? Being as humans it become our duty to live a balanced life rather than loosing self control and just keep performing one thing . So performing exercise is a great habit but my friend not out of limit .Stay healthy and stay happy 🙂 

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