10 healthy high calorie fruits that help you gain weight

When it comes to loosing weight, it is often recommended to add fruits in your diet. But have you ever considered fruits as something that help you gain some weight. Well, fruits can actually play a significant role in providing you with the healthy calories your body needs for weight gain. 

Rather than choosing supplements for mass gain, it’s much better to switch to some healthy alternatives that can help you gain weight in a natural way. And that can be done by adding some fruits in your diet.

Let’s get them covered in this blog !

1. Mango

A good news for mango lovers! One of the tastiest fruits, mango not only satisfies your taste palatte but can help you if you are struggling to gain some pounds. Mango is a nutrient rich fruit that contains vitamin A, Vitamin E and copper.

It can be consumed as mango shake, as a topping on smoothies or in summer salads. One cup of mango contains around 99 calories. So, it can definitely be one of those fruits that you can include in your diet to gain weight.

2. Coconut

Used in various dishes and in various ways, next on the list is coconut. Coconut is another ideal fruit that can help you put some kilos. The fruit is rich in fat and moderately in carbs. It is already being enjoyed by a lot of people in sweet dishes as coconut flakes. Coconut serves various benefits, it’s flesh is rich in phosphorus and copper and its water helps keeping you refresh and hydrated for long.

3. Dates

Mostly grown in tropical areas, dates are nutritious fruits rich in carbs, fiber, vitamin B6 manganese, iron and other important minerals. Dates have high calorie content and are natural sweeteners. They are perfect binders for raw desserts. Some people also eat them by blending with nuts and seeds. They can be easily added in your diet to promote weight gain.

4. Bananas

Consumed by gym guys for the right reasons!! Bananas are loaded with nutrients and are a great source of carbs and calories. On an average, bananas consists around 119 calories. A healthy add on to shakes, smoothies and oatmeal, bananas are perfect for weight gain.

5. Raisins

Paired well with nuts, raisins are dried grapes and one of those foods that help you gain healthy weight. Raisins contain good amount of vitamins, iron, copper and various other beneficial minerals. They are high in calories. Some 100 g of raisins can make you gain 500 g of weight per week.

6. Currants

Currants are great option for healthy weight gain and are rich in an omega-6 fatty acid called gamma-linoleic acid. Apart from that they are rich in minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Currants are paired well with nuts and seeds and are great add ons to yoghurts and baked food items.

7. Avocados

One large serving of avocado provides around 322 calories. They are high in calories and is a good source of fat and fiber. Avocados are rich source of beneficial plant compounds and various vitamins and minerals. Avocados can be enjoyed as seasonings, stuffings or can be added in salads and soups.

8. Dried apricots

Dried apricots are traditional type dried fruit that has vivid orange color. Dried apricots are rich sources of calories and contain good amount of fat. Dried apricots also go well with nuts and cheese. Dried apricots is also an ideal choice for late snacking if you want to put on some weight.

9. Berries

Consuming berries like blueberries and strawberries for building up is a smart choice. Talking of blueberries, they can be excellent choice for weight gain as the calorie content is highest among the berries.

On the other hand, strawberries can help you with quick weight gain especially when taken as shake. Strawberries when paired with milk and sugar, increase the sugar and fat levels ultimately leading to mass gain.

10. Grapes

Not only the dried grapes but grapes in their real form are great for putting on weight.

Grapes are rich source of fats and natural sugars. A 100 grams of grapes serving contains around 67 calories, meaning a regular intake can definitely help you leading towards healthy weight.


Be it your morning meals or healthy snacks, fruits can actually help you with gaining healthy weight. When doubtful about the ability of fruits for weight gain, try benefitting yourself with delicious mangoes, nutritious bananas, dried apricots, raisins, currants, dried apricots, avocados, berries and grapes. Apart from these, you can also try chikoo, grapefruits, prunes and dried figs.

So what are you waiting for!

Put aside your artificial supplements and try some delicious nature’s nutrient rich products.

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