30 healthy indian snacks that can help you loose weight

Have you been thinking about loosing the weight but you are resisting yourself while thinking of expensive whey protein and untastier snacks you drop that thought . Then don’t worry at all we have a solution for you .

Here is a list of 30 healthy indian snacks that can help you in loosing weight

1. Coconut Water

 Coconut water is very much beneficial for weight loss . It is found to be low in calories . It is easy on stomach and helps in digestion . It boosts your metabolism which helps in burning the fat . It is very fulfilling which cause the sense of satisfaction to you .

2. Makhana ( Lotus seeds or Fox nuts )

You can also eat lotus seeds by roasting them .It is found to contain many nutrients such as protein , fiber , carbohydrates etc . It helps in weight loss . It is a great antioxidant and makes your blood sugar level stable . It makes your cravings less . 

3. Roasted black chanas ( Roasted black gram )

 It contains very much high fiber and protein content . It is a considered as very popular snack in india . It increases you immunity . 

4. Oats

It is very much nutritious and flavoured and you can also add dry fruits for making it more tasteful . It is very good for our heart . 

5. Idli sambhar

  It is a south-indian dish made from herbs , lentils , quick cook veggies and idli made of rice . This dish is very healthy and delightful to taste .

6. Pohas

They are very easy digestible . It is also found to be very affordable and is very tasty and efficient . You can add peanuts , onions , paneer to make it more tastier .

7. Sprouts

My very favourite option . It is extremely protein – rich and reduce inflammation in the body . It will help you a lot in your weight loss journey . You can add little lime juice , onions in it for making it taste better .

8. Bhel puri

It is actually puffed rice with addition of tomatoes , roasted peanuts , onions etc . It is very healthy and can even be eaten during weight loss journey . It is also very effective for fatty liver . It is a very famous indian snack  .

9. Hummus

It is a very nutritious food . You can even eat it everyday . In hummus , the main ingredient is chickpeas with the addition of olive oil , salt , sesame seeds , lime juice . It is very much rich in protein and fiber .

10. Rajma ( Kidney beans )

It really boosts metabolism and found to be very effective for digestion .

11. Gur chanas

They are basically roasted chickpeas coated with jaggery . They are extremely healthy and can be munch at any time . They are high in protein with goodness of iron , calcium and minerals .

12. Corns

 It greatly helps in weight loss and is extremely rich  in fiber . It is a great antioxidant and improves digestion . 

13.  Pumpkin seeds

 To keep calories as much less you can , raw seeds , you can eat them in any way with or without shell . they are very beneficial for weight loss . 

14. Vegetable chaat

 A chaat is basically a combination of kidney beans , chick peas , green beans with onions , tomatoes , cucumber . add on lime juice and little salt . There you go . Avery healthy option and full of nutrients . 

15. Dry fruits

Different dry fruits such as pistachios , walnuts , almonds , brazil nuts , apricots and etc . are great for weight loss . They also remove toxins from your body .

16. Fruit Smoothies  

Smoothies are high in protein and fiber and are found to be effective for weight loss . Smoothies are good till you keep a calorie count and dont add sugar in it .

17. Coconut chips

Coconut chips improves digestion and also improves the functioning of your heart .

18. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is actually the leftover milk behind the churning butter of cultured cream . It makes you extremely energetic .

19. Baked banana chips

Banana chips can be eaten during weight loss . Don’t deep fry them , bake them instead .

20. Oats Roti

These are super healthy . They didn’t contain any fat added . These are basically chapatis made from oats dough . 

21. Fruit juices

 They are tasteful and are extremely helpful in weight loss .

22. Moong daal chilla  

This is basically a puda made from healthy moong lentil . It is very tastier and delicious and good for diabetes and weight loss .

23. Salad

Rich in nutrients and something that you can’t miss . 

24. Sattu  

Sattu is found to be very great for digestion . It is very much in protein , calcium , magnesium and many more nutrients . Sattu is a very excellent post workout drink . It consists of a grounded mixture of a cereals and ground pulses .

25. Upma  

Upma is made by slightly roasting the dry semolina . Then spices , lentils , onion and ginger are sauteed in ghee . They can also be eaten in breakfast .

26. Pongal  

Pongal is very much popular in India . They are made from boiling the rice .

27. Dosa

Dosa is a south – indian dish . basically a pancake whose batter made up of lentils and spices . It is extremely healthy and tasty .

28. Khakhra

 It is kind of cracker made from mat bean , wheat flour and oil .

29. Dhokla  

It is made from a fermented batter from legumes like chickpeas , pigeon pea , urad and rice etc . It fills your stomach by keeping the calorie in balance .

30. Healthy palak paneer

It is a dish of paneer dipped in thick gravy of spinach . Extremely healthy and filled with protein .

All the indian snacks above mentioned  would be worth trying . You should definitely try them .

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  • March 15, 2022 at 6:02 am

    Having a light salad 1-2hrs before sleep is a great way to loose weight .


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