Healthy eating guide for beginners

 It is greatly said by someone ” For a healthy living , you need a healthy food and healthy sleep ” .

In the ruling era of packaged meals and junk foods , everyone knows that they are not healthy , but we cant keep a control on ourselves and keep consuming them , also one more reason is that this generation prefers everything instant including instant food . Let me tell you its also unhealthy .

The unhealthy food that we consume leads to higher risk of obesity , indigestion , depression , heart diseases and even certain cancers . Also consuming too much junk food reduces your lifespan . Till now you might have got it how the unhealthy food have a destructive effect on your body as well as mind .

So for our generation its very much important to consume healthy foods as we keep sitting the whole day which greatly affects our digestion .

So now lot of questions would be coming into your mind– 
which food is healthy or unhealthy ?
what is the correct time for eating food ? If fast food is unhealthy it means we can never consume it ?

Don’t get worry here is a complete healthy eating guide for you

  • Keep your breakfast healthy

Rather than consuming any drink that includes even a little bit of caffeine (coffee or tea ) . Prefer healthy breakfasts or healthy drinks .  You can consume healthy juices , smoothies  etc . Also green tea ( without sugar ) also a great option for healthy breakfast . even it will help in weight loss . You can eat different fruits , oatmeals , indian foods such as dhoklas , dosa , pohas are also   considered very much healthy for breakfast options .

  • Add different salads in your diet

 Make it as your habit to consume salad once in a day . As it has high nutritional benefits and salad is rich in vitamins and minerals . It removes toxins from the blood , protects your heart and also increase the powerful antioxidants in the blood .

Hey , I can understand you don’t find it tastier , to make it taste better , you can add little amount of    salt in it , squeeze lemon on it , and add a pretty less your favorite sauce on it ( very less )  As   putting too much will undo the benefits . Try  to avoid putting any sugar included content on it . also soychunks , soybeans , different sprouts are found to be one of the healthiest options available  .

  • Limit intake of processes foods

As such foods  increase the risk of chronic diseases , lowers your energy and doesn’t digest properly . They makes you lazy , consuming them more induces more sleep . Also in most of the cases the reason for weight gain is fast foods and processed foods . 

         Consuming once in a while is not bad actually . Like you can make one day in a week as your cheat day and consume that tasty food which is actually glittery gold for your eyes on that day . Ya I understand that requires self control and determination but it will give your life a great positive impact

  • Say no to alcohol

 In the beginning , everyone enjoys alcohol , smoking , taking drugs , eating tobacco as they gives you pleasure and that conquering . but as soon as you realize that you have become addicted to it  , it would be too late to hold it . Consuming alcohol increases your risk of heart diseases , kidney failure and lead to high blood pressure . 

  • Eat in control

 There is a great saying in japan ” When you know your stomach is full , but you can still eat .. Don’t ever eat “. You can also reduce portion size . 

So in a one go , determine your mind and be strictly disciplined to follow your meal chart . You will definitely succeed . Good Luck . 

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