Top 5 exercises for building chest .

 This generation is more crazier for gym exercises than any other generations . The demand of whey protein as well as demand of sattu has increased in the market . People found it easier to perform workout for one and half an hour after their whole day sitting routine .

Doing physical workout is actually quite fun and it also improves your social skills as well . It helps in maintaining body weight and prevents obesity , diabetes , and the risk of cardiovascular diseases . It also helps to manage postural deformities and provides strength to your muscles as well as bones .

Our chest consists of Pectoralis major and Pectoralis minor which are quite difficult muscles to build . It approximately takes 10-12 weeks to develop . Building your pectoral muscles improves your posture . It increases charm in your personality and makes you look more confident . Also building chest muscles helps you in deeper breathing .

So here are the  Top 5 exercises for building chest :-

Incline dumbbell press

It is   challenging to perform but it provides stretch to your arms , shoulders and pectoral muscles . 

How to perform it ?

  Step 1 :- Set a bench according to your body by making a moderate incline between 25 – 40 degrees . 

   Step 2 :-  Rest on both the knees by placing each dumbbell on each knee slowly proceed to broadening your chest and then lean back .

   Step 3 :-  Grab the position ideally and now you have to kick your dumbbells into the initial  position with the help of your legs .

  Step 4 :-  Now place your feet on the floor and your arms elbows would already be under your wrists , weight should be up by pressing while being slightly back and pointing towards the midline .

  Step 5 :- Getting into the final position place your dumbbells together  over the shoulder joint while pressing upper arm against the torso .   

Step 6 :- Lowering until the dumbbells touching the core and then repeat .

Chest dip

It build strength in your upper body .

How to perform it ?

 Step 1 :- This exercise is done by using parallel bars . Hold them and palms should be facing inward .

 Step 2 :- Keep your elbows straight  and pressing your hands inward and lift your body up by  keeping them align with your hands . 

 Step 3 :- While bending your elbows , lower your core towards the hands .

 Step 4 :- Hold for few seconds and then come to the initial position .

Wide push – ups

 It helps in building the core strength .

How to perform it ?

 Step  :- Its just like simple push – up but your  hands should be placed shoulder – width apart .

One arm push – ups

How to perform it ?

 Step :- It is just like push – ups but here you have to place your one hand on the box and the  other hand on the floor and then switch .

Chest – press machine

  How to perform it ?

  Step :- Firstly load the weight plates on both sides of the machine and adjust the machine in such  a way that your feet lie flat on the floor . By grasping the handles and then press the fully .

         Enjoy the workout 🙂

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