How to gain muscle and reduce fat at the same time?

No doubt eating junk food and becoming lazy gives different kind of pleasure but the real satisfaction of life lies in attaining healthy body with good posture in which exercise plays an important role .

People prefer bodybuilding ( gaining muscles ) for different reasons such as it gives different kind of emotional stability , it builds consistency , gives determination etc.

whereas they try to reduce fat due to reasons such as gaining confidence , good social image , away from diseases that are caused by anxiety etc .

but we can do both at the same time.

How to gain muscles and reduce weight at the same time ?

Yes , you heard right . It is possible to gain muscles and reduce weight at the same time as during weight loss , fat is taken from fat source and converted into energy and muscles are gained through strength training and by consuming a protein – rich diet .

Here are some possible ways to make it possible :-

  • Try to add greater amount of protein in your diet . take lower rate of fats and carbohydrates in your diet.

  • Add weights in your exercise routine as they help in building muscles.

  • Positive mindset :- It is very necessary as this will take time which will make you loose consistency.

  • Consistency :- You can perform less but perform it regularly .

  • Try to be regular in strength training .

  • There is a process known as ‘Recomping’ . It would help you to make it possible .

  • You should also perform resistance training and apply progressive overload which stands for gradually increase what you are lifting.

  • Focus on the fat loss rather than focusing on weight loss .

Yes its difficult but correct amount of determination can help you to make it possible .

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