8 things you must do before hitting gym every morning

Going to gym and working out might be a painful experience in the short term but regular workout have incredible benefits on our overall health. On top of that, hitting gym in the morning increases our health benefits by inducing increased energy levels, fewer distractions, raised alertness, an increase in the overall activity and so on.

But are there any tips and tricks? Well, there are several things you must do to increase your productivity while you hit your gym in the morning. Some of these things include :-

1. Ensure a good sleep

Sleep plays a super important role in bringing out the benefits of workout. It gives your body time to rest, recover, repair muscles and conserve energy. Also, the hours of sleep have always been a matter of debate but the fact is that even if you are sleeping for minimum 6 hours, the quality of sleep should be good enough.

2. Pre-hydrate

Water plays an important role before workout. Our body cannot gives its best if it’s not properly hydrated. Your muscles won’t easily get fatigued if you have had good amount of water. It regulates your body temperature and helps in lubrication of joints.

3. Healthy breakfast

Having a healthy, light and nutritious breakfast in the morning not only provides the body with the necessary energy but help in improving the workout performance of a person as well. You can go for some healthy options like oatmeal, apples, bananas, yoghurt or a rich protein source. It’s always better to go well fueled to the gym( although try maintaining some time gap between eating and working out). Going empty stomach can make you feel tired easily so it’s always better to not go with one.

4. Make the right choice from the wardrobe

With how much comfort, movement and flexibility you perform your workout depends largely on the type of clothes you wear. Grab the right tee, pyjamas, leggings, shorts or whatever works best for you. You shouldn’t be getting uncomfortable in adjusting your clothes if they are too tight, too loose or for any other reason that distracts you from your workout. At the end of the day, your clothes are meant to comfort you! You are not meant to comfort them!

5. Wear the right shoe

Spending some money in investing your gear can really be a smart choice. Choosing proper shoe can help you with easy direction changes, faster movements and protection from injuries. Wearing the right gym shoe really matters a lot in making you more comfortable and enhancing your performance.

6. Grab your cup of coffee

It it good to grab a cup of coffee especially black coffee before your workout. Coffee helps to boost metabolism, increase endurance, can help prevent diseases and aids fat loss. Not only it help mobilizing fat from tissues but also increases the alertness in the body all of which contributes to an enhanced performance.

7. Don’t forget the mood elevator – Music

Whenever you plan to improve your workout performance, do not forget to update your playlist. Music competes with the sensation of working out. It has the power to keep you away from boredom, lighten up your mood and the catchy rhythms can even motivate you to do better or exercise longer. Overall, music improves exercise performance and can bring results more than expected.

8. Stretch to prepare your body

After hitting the gym door, if you immediately start with heavy weight lifting and do bare minimum or nothing to prepare your body, 

the risk level of your injuries start to increase. Stretching helps to keep your muscles flexible and helps them to loosen up. The mobility before your workout prepares your body for exercise and reduce any kind of pain or sense of tightness and helps increasing your range of motion.

Summing up :-

Doing gym in the morning is extremely beneficial for your health. Following some tips and tricks before going to gym in the morning can really boost your workout performance. These include getting a good sleep, drinking enough water before workout, eating a healthy breakfast, choosing the right gear, stretching and listening to music. All the little hacks combined together can help you get incredible workout results.

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