Gym rules for Beginners

We all know how important is to perform any physical exercise regularly as we all are suffering from postural deformities and our routines are like just sitting whole day , consuming junk food . More than that our generations have more depression and anxiety disorder patients than any other generation .

The message here that I actually wants to convey is that people who are likely to perform physical exercises are not found to suffer from posture related diseases , also they are not found to be stressed . Performing physical exercises can make you feel active and keeps you away from diseases .

Talking about physical exercises , the one is trending nowadays among our younger generations is none other than gym exercises .

Do you want to join gym for a healthy body but don’t know what are the rules ?

You are at the correct place my friend .

Here are gym rules that a beginner should definitely follow :-

  • Dressing well :- Dressing well not only reflects your personality well but also positively impact you to exercise well and be motivated . Choose a loose t- shirt or sweatshirt with track pants , yoga pants , gym shorts or you can wear sweatpants also . Wear a good set of running shoes that can properly protect your feet and legs . 

  • Carry the things you require with you :-

     Firstly a soft , clean towel to wipe your sweat away . Then a water bottle incase you feel very thirsty and probably a wireless headphones , if you feel its necessary to carry them .

  • Don’t interfere in other people ‘ s space :- Its very important for you to give privacy to others and not stare at them doing their workouts . Rather than staring at others machines or their shoulders or legs , its better to be focused and just look at your machines and in case the machine is occupied , just wait patiently for your turn and give them space  to properly complete their workout .

  • Don’t wear any jewelry :- Its better to not wear any jewelry while working out . As while holding weights your rings can hurt you and also there could be scratches or the stone in your ring can break .

  • Clean the equipment :- You should clean the bench or equipment with a tissue after using it as it might be covered with sweat after your workout . Else the equipment becomes inappropriate for the next person who wants to use it .

  • Wash your gym clothes :- Its very important to clean your clothes after you come home as they are full of sweat , germs , bacteria . Try to wash them separately if possible with hot water .

  • Object lying :- If there is any kind of object lying on the equipment it means that the equipment is occupied . That person might have gone to washroom or for drinking water . 

  • Equipment place :- Put the equipment on the correct place from where you pick them after workout . Make sure to place weights according to initial position , don’t interchange their places .

  • Guys with Headphones :- Leave the people with headphones alone . Don’t insist that person to talk with you . Let him/her do the workout according to his/her choice.

  • Don’t push yourself :- On your beginning days , don’t push yourself too hard as it will make you loose motivation in the long – term . Being harsh to yourself can give you cramps and pain in your body . Go as instructed slowly and steady .

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