Misconceptions about minerals and multivitamins.

 Various minerals and multivitamins are taken by millions of people around globe to provide the body the necessary elements that cannot be taken in through diet. Commonly, they are consumed to fulfill any vitamin or mineral deficiency in body. But are these multivitamins and minerals worth replacing with the food in your diet? Can they fulfill your body’s deficiencies or there any myths attached?

 If you are someone who consumes minerals multivitamins tablets or planning to do so, here are some misconceptions about minerals and multivitamins you must know:-

1. There are no side effects to multivitamins

With benefits, multivitamin products do bring some side effects along. When consumed in large doses, they can cause certain health issues like increased urination, uneven heart rate, tooth staining, confusion, so on and should be taken in moderation that too with medical prescription.

2. Supplements can replace the natural food in your diet

“If one is on supplements, one doesn’t have to care much about what to eat”. Among various reasons, this is also one of the major reason of why a lot of people depend on supplements. But what needs to be realized is that medically advised multivitamins might be beneficial to a lot of people but overall they cannot replace fruits, vegetables or the benefits of natural food in your diet.

3. Multivitamins don’t mix with medications

The common mistake people make is that they do not share the medicines they are taking with their physician. That becomes important because even if you are taking a regular antibiotic or a daily aspirin, the multivitamins can interact with these medicines and could be proved harmful to your body. Example:- Calcium and iron taken together can cease the absorption of iron in medicines. Another example:- Zinc and vitamin K present in multivitamins can interact with medicines.

4. Multivitamins are never needed

On one side where people think supplements can replace the natural diet. On other hand, some people think that minerals and multivitamins are actually never needed. The point is that most of the time it is needed when people actually eat the same type of food. Also, they are needed to help manage various conditions. Although most experts suggests that these supplements are helpful only in case of deficiency of any nutrient in body.

5. Multivitamins don’t have an expiry date

Multivitamins do not have expiry date is a myth that needs to be busted. Supplements are beneficial within their given time frame. Like other pills and medicines, multivitamins have the expiry date for a reason. 

6. Minerals and Multivitamins boost your health in rocket speed

Supplements can be proved really helpful for people with any nutrient deficiency in body. Although they cannot replace the healthy diet and healthy routine of a person. To overcome or fulfill any requirement of body, healthy foods must be preferred. To improve the strength and metabolism of your body, immunity boosting food could be preferred in long term.

The bottom line:- 

Minerals and multivitamins are mostly helpful in case of any vitamin or mineral deficiency in body. Their consumption sometimes become really necessary although a good natural diet must be the priority. Supplements do carry the danger of interacting with your regular medicines and have an expiry date. They are helpful in treating various medical conditions while they are no magic pills and do not boost your health super fast.

Note:-No above information should be taken as medical advice. In case of major health problems, it is recommended to seek a doctor.

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