4 supplements for PCOS that women should have

No doubt the era of artificial intelligence has given us a different life to live , an imaginatory life but it is also a root cause of various problems such as work from home , sitting whole day , consuming lots of junk foods which cause different types of diseases and postural deformities  but there is  one more problem that is found to be rising among women which is named as PCOS .

Full form of PCOS :- Polycystic ovary syndrome 

What is PCOS ?

It is a hormonal disorder found in women in which small cysts develop in their ovaries making them enlarged . It is found to be common among women of reproductive age .

Symptoms of PCOS :-

  • weight gain
  • irregular periods or in some cases no periods at all
  • hair loss
  • acne
  • Depression or mood swings
  • Infertility
  • Excess hair growth on face , chest , back and buttocks .

Cause of PCOS :-

The main cause of PCOS in many cases is found to be change in lifestyles of women . More than that other causes of  PCOS are :-

  • It can be inherited genetically also . PCOS can transfer from generation to generation .
  • Being obese .
  • Higher male hormones levels which prevent the ovaries from releasing eggs .
  • Too much inflammation in body .
  • Insulin resistance .

Can PCOS be cured ?

Sadly the answer is no . But don’t get worried it can be managed efficiently which can help you to live a healthy life .

So here are 4 PCOS supplements that will help you to lead towards healthy life :-

1. Chromium picolinate :- It reduces the insulin resistance which is one of the main cause of  PCOS . Chromium picolinate also helps in controlling the blood sugar levels which reduces the risk of diabetes .It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases . It helps in achieving normal menstrual cycle making ovulation normal .

2. Vitamin -D and Calcium :- Vitamin – D helps in  reducing blood sugar levels and Vitamin- D and Calcium supplements helps women in loosing weight , and also helps in menstrual regularity . It also reduce pain during the time of menstruation .

3. N- Acetyl – Cysteine :- It helps in building antioxidants in the whole body . It improves fertility and lowers the level of testosterone . It also improves the insulin resistance . It helps in regulating ovulation and making the menstrual cycle normal .

4. Inositol / Myoinositol :- It decreases the level of hyperandrogenism and regulates the menstrual cycle .

So here are 4 supplements for PCOS that you should definitely prefer . Keeping in mind that the requirements of Vitamins and Minerals should be properly fulfilled . Each one of the vitamin and mineral is important in case your body lacks any of them , you can also take dietary supplements for them . Proper amount of Calcium , Zinc , Vitamin B and its various types is very necessary for body to recover from PCOS .

Also its very important to focus on your diet plan , proper amount of sleep , stress management, adopting physical exercises  and performing them regularly . As these all factors will help you in managing PCOS very well .

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