5 food combinations that help you loose weight

 5 food combinations that help you loose weight

A lot of people eliminate certain foods from their meals for weight loss. But also, they underrate the power of mixing two foods or mixing certain foods together that can help them loose weight faster. To get the most of your mealtime, it’s important to group the right foods together. Not only they help in fastening your weight loss, but can also become one of your favourite meal on your plate.

Here are 5 food combinations that can help you loose weight faster:-

1. Green tea and lemon

Green tea helps in detoxifying your body and is a low carb drink that can help in energize you as well. When taken with lemon, green tea not only promotes weight loss, it also helps in increasing your energy levels, keeping your brain and heart healthy and supporting your immune system. Green tea with lemon tastes better and refreshing. Also the combination just takes few ingredients to prepare.

2. Coffee with cinnamon

Coffee is a good source of caffeine and is because of this reason a good to go drink for a lot of people. Adding cinnamon is an excellent addition to coffee and serves as a good substitute of sugar. It helps in bringing down cholesterol level and is good for diabetic patients as well. Cinnamon helps in fighting obesity by burning the fat cells. It is loaded with antioxidants and have properties that helps in reducing inflammation too.

3. Beans and vegetables soup

The best part of having a good meal that contains more liquid is that it fills up your stomach and leaves less or no room for high calorie or unhealthy foods. Mixing beans in soup makes the meal altogether a good source of protein as well. Along with promoting digestion an helping in weight loss, it gives a boost to your immune system. Not only this but most soups contain disease fighting nutrients in them as well.

4. Yoghurt and almonds

Good fats help in absorbing nutrients better. Nuts contain healthy unsaturated fats well as omega-3 fatty acids, which fight cardiovascular diseases. The food combination is nutrient rich. Almonds are considered to be superfoods which is good for your body and mind. Yoghurt has been found to reduce the risk of heart disease as well as aids in weight management too. The food combination is a source of good fat. Yoghurt with soaked almonds helps in better nutrients absorption by the body.

5. Oatmeals with nuts

Rich in nutrients like magnesium, zinc and fiber oatmeal helps in lowering cholesterol and aiding weight loss. It helps in decreasing insulin, sugar spikes and makes people feel full. It is a healthy breakfast that is packed with complex carbohydrates including fiber and serves as an excellent nutrition rich food when topped with nuts. Adding nuts, seeds, almonds, walnuts and chia seeds makes it a super nutritious pack of fiber and antioxidants. Oatmeal with nuts helps to manage your weight, eases constipation and promotes healthy bacteria in your gut.

Some other healthy food combinations include vegetables with paneer, potato with pepper, lentils and steamed rice, apple with peanut butter, water with cucumber and lemon, etc.

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