Yoga asanas every busy women must do daily .

 In the great 21st century where technology is on its peak and roar of equality can be heard from every another person ‘ s talks . People are found to work mentally hard more than physically hard . In this life ‘s race where  both the genders are equally working for their living , males are seen to be muscular whereas females are found to be quite less muscular because of being blessed with things such as menstruation and pregnancy which is beautiful in its own way .

But the women who are found to be too much busy and hustling in day to day life , they are found to have more body fat and less stronger muscles .

So here are some of the yoga poses which will help you to be strong physically as well as mentally :-

1. Downward dog Pose ( Adho Mukha Svanasana ) 

It helps in improving your posture . It not only strengthens your upper body but also provides stretch to the lower body . It is also an effective pose to relax and calm your mind .

Instructions for performing the asana :-

  • Lie  on the floor with your frontside towards the floor . 
  • Keep your hands shoulder width apart with your shoulders above your wrist . Now align your inner shoulders with your index fingers . 
  • Tuck your toes against the ground and extend your legs and lift your both knees into the air. Now make your body into “V” shape.
  •  Extend your spine by pressing palms of your hands and balls of your feet. Pull your pelvis up by using the triceps in your upper arms to stable your body .

2Half waist wheel Pose ( Ardh Katichakrasana ) 

It improves your digestion and greatly helps in weight loss . It allows more amount of oxygen in the rib cage which is great for respiration .,

Instructions :-

  • Stand straight on the ground with your feet close to each other .
  • Breathe in while taking your left hand overhead .
  • Slowly bend to the right side of your waist . Bend within your body ‘ s limit .
  • Hold the pose for some time and slowly come to the initial position .
  • Similarly with other hand .

3. Garland Pose ( Malasana )

It stretches your lower body and provides relief from back pain .

Instructions :-

  • Stand straight in mountain pose first . 
  • Now keep your legs hip-width apart afterwards bend your elbows and bring your hands together in prayer position . your hands should be near the chest .
  •  By bending your knees , slowly sit towards the bottom . 
  • Now lower your hips towards the ground and slowly sit on soles of your feet . 
  • Your thighs should be wider and hips should remain close to the ankles . in simple words , you have to squat down until your hips are hovering above the floor .

4. Bridge Pose ( Setu Bandhasana ) :-

It improves your digestion and also stimulates the abdominal organs .

Instructions :-

  •    Lie on your back by bending both knees and placing your feet flat on the floor and hip width         apart. 
  • Press your feet into the floor, inhale and lift the hips up .
  •  Press down into the arms and  shoulders to lift the chest up .

5. Child Pose ( Balasana ) 

It improves the blood circulation of the body and provides relaxation to the mind .

Instructions :-

  • Prefer mat for this yoga asana .
  •  Lay your body by placing your forehead on the floor and keep you knees hip width apart .
  •  Rest your arms alongside the body .
  • keep your palms facing upwards and keep your toes together and in the end lay the torso between your thighs .

6.  Half standing forward bend Pose ( Ardh Uttansana ) 

It increases the flexibility of your body and also helps in extending the spine .

Instructions :-

  • Stand tall by keeping a distance of about 2 feet away from a wall. Face your front towards the wall .
  • Breathe in and slowly draw your tailbone towards your pubis, hinge your hips and place your palms on the wall in front of you. 
  • Be sure that your hands are straight and relax your body . 
  • Hold this pose for few seconds .

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