Yoga for pregnant women

Are you a pregnant women who have been sitting the whole day and your back and the neck is stiffed . You might feel nausea and stressed most of the time . Don’t worry there is one easy solution for all of the above and many more problems .

None other than Yoga!! 

How Yoga helps pregnant women in Pregnancy related problems ?

There is a type of yoga which is designed for pregnant women which is known as Prenatal yoga . It helps you to  create a balance between spiritual , mental , physical and emotional aspect of living being . It reduces pain and anxiety during labor . It allows your pelvic bones and ligament bones to open which helps the baby ‘ s head to find more space to settle at the bottom of the uterus as the birth is near .

So here are some of the  prenatal yoga asanas which will surely help you in pregnancy :-

1. Cat/Cow Pose
  • It will increase  flexibility and mobility through spine .
  • It provides strength to the lower body .
  • It helps in relieving back pain .

Begin on all fours . Your hands should be shoulder-width apart and knees should be hip-width apart .Breathe in ,  and move into cow pose by lifting your sit bones upward . keep your chest in a forward position  and sink your belly . Gaze straight ahead by lifting your head .

Breathe out and now get the pose of cat by keeping your spine outward , tuck your tailbone inward and draw your pubic bone forward . 

While releasing the posture , Release your head towards the floor first and relax in that position .

Additional changes :- You can keep a cushion or blanket under your knees .

2. Goddess Pose
  • It lengthens your spine .
  • It strengthens your lower body for an active labor .
  • It stretches your shoulder joint .

Stand straight by keeping feet apart and bend your elbows at shoulder height with palms facing each other . Keep your feet out by 45 degrees facing the corners of the room . While you breathe out , bend the knees over the toes squatting down . Now press your hips forward and hips back . Now drop your shoulders down and press your chest towards the front of the room . Look forward while performing this asana .

Release this asana slowly step by step .

3Easy Pose
  • This asana fight against stress and anxiety .
  • This asana opens up the hips .
  • This asana reduces lower back pain .

Prefer yoga mat for this asana . Sit on the mat by crossing your shins . The soles of your feet should be facing outwards . Your legs will form a triangle . Your hands should be laid on knees with palms facing upwards .

If you want to make it more comfortable , you can sit on a folded blanket .

4. Corpse Pose
  • This asana will help you to achieve relaxation .
  • This asana helps to control stress . 

Lie  on your back by separating your legs. Bring your arms alongside your body slightly separated from your torso . Keep your shoulder blades on your back for providing support. Once you have  attained posture release your body entirely and even your face . Breathe naturally .

Caution :- Place a cushion under your head . This asana should not be performed flat on the back , instead use cushion to support right leg , if you are on left side .

5. Garland Pose
  • It helps in preparing your pelvis to open during the labour and also it is considered great for toning your inner thighs .
  •  It helps in relieving back pain .
  • It gives a good stretch to the lower body .

Stand straight in mountain pose first . Now keep your legs hip-width apart . Now bend your elbows and bring your hands together in prayer position . your hands should be near the chest . By bending your knees , slowly sit towards the bottom . Now lower your hips towards the ground and slowly sit on soles of your feet . Your thighs should be wider and hips should remain close to the ankles . in simple words , you have to squat down until your hips are hovering above the floor .

For little bit easiness you can place a block of blankets under your sit bones.

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