What is Yoga ?

 Technology has created barriers between science and spirituality both are considered very different nowadays . but still there is a one exercise which is still considered logical from both point of views spiritual as well as scientific .

Yes you guessed it right ,that ‘s 

Yoga . 

First time the word yoga was mentioned in Rig Veda scripture .

Yoga comes from the word ‘ Yuj ‘ which means ‘ to unite ‘ .   Spiritually , yoga is the union of an individual soul  ( human  soul ) with the supreme soul ( Universe ) .

In simple terms , It is a practice which helps to relax the body and makes your body healthy and flexible through various postures or asanas .


As per the hindus scriptures , The Adi yogi shiva is known as the founder of the Yoga whereas Patanjali maharishi codified all aspects of yoga into a certain format which is termed as yoga sutras . 

Types of Yoga :-

Yoga holds 7 different types :-

1. Hatha Yoga :- This is a yoga which  basically involves physical postures.

2. Ashtanga Yoga :- This type of yoga helps you in improving focus , balance and coordination.

3. Bikram Yoga :- It consists of fixed sequence of postures . It specifically increases blood flow to the body and helps in inducing balance and provide strength to it.  

4. Iyengar Yoga :- It helps in structural alignment of body through various physical asanas .

5. Kundalini Yoga :- It strengthens your nervous system and said to be very powerful as it also helps in spiritual awakening.

6. Restorative Yoga :- It helps in relaxing the body and provide more flexibilty to it.

7. Yin Yoga :- It is a slow-paced yoga involving deep connective tissues .

 Why to prefer yoga  in this busy day to day life ?

Our lifestyle gives us various reasons to prefer yoga in our day to day life :-

1. Consuming fast foods and packaged meals which interfere our blood circulation and harm our body.yoga will not only help in positive blood circulation but will also release toxins from the body .

2. Too much sitting because of electronic gadgets , back pain and neck pain , all such problems can be cured by performing some yoga asanas in our routine .

3. That quickness in every work and activities or workload that gives you tons of stress . Yoga will relax your mind and will make you more calm and focused .

So my friends ” Why to wait for tomorrow , if you can start today . ” Start with easy asanas and little time as soon as your habit  develop , your time interval will increase automatically . Life will definitely change 🙂 

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