Is intermittent fasting safe?

Is intermittent fasting safe?

Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective method for loosing weight. It has been proved so beneficial for a lot of people that they claim that they will adopt it lifelong .Intermittent fasting demands calorie deficit that decreases body fat and promotes weight loss increasing metabolism of body.

But is intermittent fasting really safe? Does skipping meals for such long hours suits everyone?

Here is the detailed answer:-

Although dietary and weight management somewhere definitely has to include intermittent fasting but like every other thing there are some negatives to IF(intermittent fasting) as well and some key points that one must keep in his/her mind before following it for long term: 

1. Fasting for long hours might not be proved a good option for pregnant or breast feeding mothers.

2. Skipping meals may lead to low energy levels.

3. Fasting can make you feel hungry which can lead to lack of sleep.

4. Some people consume increased doses of caffeine in form of black coffee which can also disturb your sleep cycle on daily basis.

5. It might get difficult to adopt this eating pattern for longer terms.

6. The longer fasting period sometimes cause headache, tiredness, ill nature or even constipation.

7. It is advisable for any person having kidney stones, gastroesophageal reflux, diabetes or any other medical problems to consult doctor before starting intermittent fasting.

8. Women suffering from PCOS, infertility problems or blood sugar issues should avoid intermittent fasting. In addition, one should not fast during periods, signs of low blood sugar include dizziness, confusion, sweating, headaches, and hunger.

10. Intermittent fasting can disrupt cardiovascular activity.

11. Some studies failed to show any benefit from fasting over period of 6 months or more.

12. It is recommended by some studies to eat smaller meals consistently in a day rather than fasting for such long hours.


Intermittent fasting can really be a life changing habit. In fact, really serves great benefit for fulfilling short term health goals or for shorter period but in case you are thinking of continuing it for longer term (considering its benefits), it is a wise step to consult a doctor. Also it is highly recommended to consult an expert in case if you are about to follow IF in pregnancy or any severe health issue.

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