What is more effective for weight loss: yoga or weight training?

What is more effective for weight loss:

Yoga or weight training?

With the increasing statistics of unhealthy lifestyle of people and its effects, a large number of people are attracted towards the weight loss concept. But what is an effective weight loss journey. 

Well, weight loss journey is not a linear path of ‘how to do steps’ and cheers you have shed 20 pounds. But does that mean it is too hard to be true? Adding to this, how does yoga and weight training helps in weight loss journey? And which one is more effective? 


Before you think Yoga is the twisting and turning of the body, Well, that’s not the case. Yoga has been derived from Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ meaning to unite. Yoga has its origin in India and is a tremendous practice of balancing and uniting the mind, body and soul of a human connecting them to their own inner selves. 

Yoga majorly focuses on aligning the mind and body however there are different yoga postures that helps in burning calories and increasing metabolism. Yoga has nth number of benefits such increasing balance, better sleep, increasing mindfulness, activity, helps in reducing stress, builds flexibility , better blood circulation and so on. 

Weight Training

For weight loss to be more effective and not solely with the purpose of looking lean, Weight training is an intelligent choice. Burning calories might make you look thin but you may get weak if you are just burning calories. In that case , you are just loosing muscles and healthy fat. It might be speedy to loose weight just by loosing calories but the extra kgs can return fast as well. In order to have healthy weight loss procedure, weight training is must. It not only helps in loosing weight but gaining muscles and building strength. Weight training puts your calories at rest making your muscles metabolically efficient.

Which is better then?

Simple and sorted , your answer lies in your health goals. Yoga and weight training works differently. Do you want a healthy body and mind as well as want to start quick, yoga is good to go. It might not exactly be serving weight loss purpose but it’s benefits contribute both in the well being of mind and body. Or you might be wanting a strengthened body. Weight training requires little patient mindset because you might not be immediately changing weight but your body composition would be improving. You might be loosing fat too slow but your muscles would be building.


Yoga helps in the overall well-being of a person bringing activeness and calmness along. However weight training somewhere weighs down more in helping in reducing weight but again it’s depends on the person’s body type and of course the choices. Yoga could be a quick good to go whereas weight training might also need individual attention and personalized training.

 Also Don’t just sit back in a comfortable environment. Identify your body type and start. Start small but start.

Hope that helped 🙂

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