How to loose weight through intermittent fasting ?

What is intermittent fasting?

There are many patterns of intermittent fasting which are as follows:16:8 method 5:2 diet, alternative day fasting, eat stop eat, the warrior diet, with the 16:8 being the most common one. It is a pattern of fasting which includes fasting for 16 hours and eating the next 8 hours (ideally healthy).

How does IF helps in weight loss?

Intermittent fasting or IF helps in releasing HGH or human growth hormone which is very effective in burning fat, also known as fat mobilization. During the fasting period, no or very few calories are going inside the body which enables the stored fat to burn. IF is actually shock to our body which leads to various changes in hormones thereby helping in weight loss. It increases the insulin sensitivity in body, the release of HGH hormone gets increased by 5 times. The hormone is very effective in increasing the metabolism which helps in shedding the extra fat faster.

How to loose weight through intermittent fasting?

It is important to maintain a calorie deficit in the intermittent fasting eating pattern. Mindful eating in 8 hours is as important as fasting for 16 hours period. It’s very important for you to realise that fasting for 16 hours doesn’t gives you the licence to eat unhealthy food in the 8 hour eating window. Therefore it’s preferable to break your fast through fruits.

For effective results, you can break the 8 hour eating period in 3-4 meals. Keep your meals high in protein. Have a balanced diet with protein rich food, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals.

Complex carbs can include oats, bajra, brown rice,jowar.

Protein can include dals, pulses, seeds, nuts.

Healthy fats may include ghee, olive oil, coconut oil,soy, nuts and seeds.

For vitamins and minerals take high fibre fruits and vegetables.

Apart from that, make sure to take adequate water, sleep and rest to avoid dizziness.

 Some people maintain a good calorie deficit by taking unhealthy food. This might not affect your weight loss process but can be proved very harmful in the long run.

Can everyone loose weight through IF?

Weight loss may sound like an umbrella term but the underlying goals could be different for different people. For example, you might be planning to loose 2-3 kilos while others might be looking for complete transformation. So it is important for you to know that if you are planning to loose weight above 5 kilos you must consult a dietician who gives you proper diet plan.

The eating timings can be 9 AM to 5 PM, 12 noon to 8PM, 2 to 10 PM. Consider the time that best suits you. There is a possibility that you might feel low energy levels during the fasting periods. To Avoid it, one can have black coffee but do not overconsume it so that you do not suffer sleeplessness. Do not consume sugar, fried or any junk food or the fasting will loose its meaning in itself.

Is it easy for everyone to adapt to IF?

Some people find it too difficult to adapt to it while others say it just took them 2-3 days to adapt IF, and that they have completely transformed their life and don’t have to ever look back at gym again. But alongside it is strongly advisable to know your body type as well and consult your doctor in case of any existing health issue.

Summary:- IF is an excellent way of loosing weight as it has numerous benefits. Not just weight loss, but it is also helpful in detoxification of body and cellular repair process. It is just a revised form of full fasting that gives you freedom to choose your meals. 

So make sure to use it wisely 🙂

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