5 best yoga asanas for a healthy heart

 Yoga is not only a series of asanas in which you have to perform different postures and alignments but it also contributes to many other great factors such as 

  • it helps you to get spiritually awakened .
  • it helps in attaining calmness and relaxation in the body .
  • it keeps you away from diseases .
  • it makes a person  socially acknowledgeable through his/her personality .
But is it possible that by doing yoga we can attain a healthy heart which pumps blood easily ?

Well the answer is certainly Yes ! 

How Yoga helps us in having a healthy heart ?

It lowers the blood pressure and also is found to be effective in maintaining stress  .  It helps in relaxing the body and mind  and also it improves the blood circulation which is found to be very much positive for a healthy heart .

So here are 5 yogic asanas which helps you to have a healthy heart :- 


 1. The Tree Pose ( Vrikshasana )
  How to perform it ?

 Stand straight and tall on the ground with your weight balanced . Choose the leg which you   want to fold lets say left then keep your right leg fixed ( planted on ground ) and slowly raise   your left foot and place it on your inner of the right thigh by pointing the knee of your bent leg outward away from your body . Now keep your hands in prayer position and raise your arms  above your head .

  •  It gives strength to core.
  •  It improves balance and stability .
  • It maintains functioning of heart at normal rate .
  • It opens the heart and helps in expanding the shoulders .


 2. The Standing Forward Bend Pose ( Uttanasana ) 

How to perform it ?  

 Starting from the Tadasana position . Then your arms should be placed straight beside your thighs . Breathe out and bend forward without using waist , and with the help of hip joints . Keep your   stomach and chest in front of your thighs . Beginners can bend their knees to attain this asana . Now bring your head to your knees and try to grip the back of your ankles . Stay in this position  for few seconds ( 20-30 ) and breathe naturally . Then slowly come back to initial position while  putting your hands on hips , while breathing in . Relax and exhale .

  • It help in better functioning of kidneys , liver and spleen .
  • It improves the blood circulation of the body .
  • It increases the respiration rate .
  • It improves digestion .
   3. The Mountain Pose ( Tadasana ) 

    How to perform it ?     

  Stand straight with your feet apart . Keep your hands alongside your body . Inhale deeply and   raise your arms slowly . Interlock your fingers . Now raise your heels and stand on your toes . You can feel the body stretching .       

  • It improves posture and alignment .
  • It improves blood circulation .
  • It provide strength to the heart .
  • It helps in relieving tension .   

  4. The Bridge Pose ( Setu Bandhasana ) 

       How to perform it ?

 Lie on your back by bending both knees and placing your feet flat on the floor and hip width apart. Press your feet into the floor, inhale and lift the hips up . Press down into the arms and  shoulders to lift the chest up .

  •  It opens chest and heart .
  •  It stimulates abdominal organs .
  • It stretches the spine and the chest .
  • It increases blood flow to the chest region .


5.  Downward dog Pose ( Adho Mukha Svanasana ) 

  How to perform it ?

  Lie  on the floor with your frontside towards the floor . Keep your hands shoulder width apart     with your shoulders above your wrist . Now align your inner shoulders with your index fingers .  Tuck your toes against the ground and extend your legs and lift your both knees into the air.  Now make your body into “V” shape. Extend your spine by pressing palms of your hands and  balls of your feet. Pull your pelvis up by using the triceps in your upper arms to stable your                body .

  • It stretches the lower body .
  • It calms the mind .
  • It improves the circulation of blood .
  • It allows the gravity to increase blood flow .

Many other asanas such as Warrior Pose , Cobra Pose , Corpse Pose , Cat Pose , Bow Pose , Half shoulder stand Pose , Dolphin pose would also be helpful in attaining a healthy heart .  Hurry up in adding these yoga asanas in your yoga routine , you will surely feel the change 🙂

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